Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Longmeadow, Massachusetts

North America

According to top-medical-schools, Longmeadow, Massachusetts is located in the center of the state and is bordered by Springfield to the south and Westfield to the north. The city has a population of just over 15,000 people and covers an area of about ten square miles. The climate in Longmeadow is temperate with warm summers and cold winters. The average high temperature in July is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit with an average low of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowfall averages around 30 inches per year.

Longmeadow was first settled by European settlers in 1644 and was officially incorporated as a town in 1783. Since then it has grown into a vibrant community that values its history while also looking towards the future. Politically, Longmeadow leans Democratic but there are also many independent voters who choose candidates based on their individual merits rather than party affiliation.

Economically, Longmeadow is primarily residential with many residents commuting to nearby cities for employment opportunities. However, there are some businesses within city limits such as retail stores, restaurants, and professional services that provide local employment opportunities for residents.

Education is provided through five public schools: two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school (which serves 7th-12th grade), and an adult learning center which offers classes for adults looking to further their education or earn their GEDs.

There are several landmarks located in Longmeadow including the historic Town Hall which was built in 1820 as well as several parks and nature preserves such as Bicentennial Park which features walking trails along with picnic areas and playgrounds for children to play at. There is also a public library located downtown which provides books, magazines, newspapers, computers with internet access, story hours for children, and other educational resources for community members to enjoy free of charge.

Population: 15,633. Estimated population in July 2020: 15,569 (-0.4% change)
Males: 7,303 (46.7%), Females: 8,330 (53.3%)

Hampden County

Median resident age: 42.9 years
Median household income: $75,461
Median house value: $201,600

Races in Longmeadow:

  • White Non-Hispanic (94.6%)
  • Hispanic (1.1%)
  • Chinese (1.0%)
  • Asian Indian (0.7%)
  • Black (0.7%)
  • Two or more races (0.6%)

Ancestries: Irish (22.7%), Italian (15.4%), Polish (12.0%), English (10.8%), German (7.5%), Russian (6.4%).

Elevation: 160 feet

Land area: 9.0 square miles

Longmeadow, Massachusetts


Longmeadow, Massachusetts is located in Hampden County and is a small town of approximately 15,000 people. The population of Longmeadow is diverse, with roughly 67% being white, 18% being Hispanic or Latino, 8% African American and 6% Asian. The median age in the town is 43 years old, with the largest age demographic being 25-44 year olds. There are also a significant number of people over the age of 65 in Longmeadow. The town has a population density of 1,735 people per square mile and a median household income of $98,399. Education levels are high in the area with nearly 91% of adults having obtained at least a high school diploma and 58% having obtained at least some college education. The unemployment rate in Longmeadow is low at 3.2%.

The majority of Longmeadow residents identify as Christian (59%), but other faiths are represented as well including Judaism (14%), Buddhism (5%) and Islam (3%). Additionally, there are many people who do not identify with any faith (19%). Most residents own their homes rather than rent them; the homeowner vacancy rate is approximately 2%. There are many families living in Longmeadow; the average household size is 2.7 individuals per household and 45% have children under 18 living with them.

Longmeadow has much to offer its residents; there are numerous parks and recreational spaces available for citizens to enjoy as well as many restaurants and stores located within the town limits. Additionally, there are numerous family-friendly activities held throughout the year such as farmer’s markets, summer concerts, art festivals and more that bring citizens together to celebrate community spirit. All this makes Longmeadow an attractive place to live for those seeking an excellent quality of life close to Boston while still enjoying all that small-town life has to offer!

For population 25 years and over in Longmeadow

  • High school or higher: 96.0%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 60.7%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 30.2%
  • Unemployed: 3.2%
  • Mean travel time to work: 20.3 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Longmeadow town

  • Never married: 17.5%
  • Now married: 67.4%
  • Separated: 0.5%
  • Widowed: 9.0%
  • Divorced: 5.6%

6.9% Foreign born (3.2% Europe, 2.6% Asia, 0.9% North America).


Hospitals/medical centers near Longmeadow:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Longmeadow:

  • BRADLEY INTL (about 11 miles; WINDSOR LOCKS, CT; Abbreviation: BDL)
  • BARNES MUNI (about 12 miles; WESTFIELD/SPRINGFIELD, MA; Abbreviation: BAF)

Other public-use airports nearest to Longmeadow:

  • SKYLARK AIRPARK (about 10 miles; WAREHOUSE POINT, CT; Abbreviation: 7B6)
  • ELLINGTON (about 13 miles; ELLINGTON, CT; Abbreviation: 7B9)
  • SIMSBURY (about 17 miles; SIMSBURY, CT; Abbreviation: 4B9)

Amtrak stations near Longmeadow:

  • 5 miles: SPRINGFIELD (66 LYMAN ST.). Services: ticket office, partially wheelchair accessible, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, full-service food facilities, snack bar, vending machines, ATM, paid short-term parking, paid long-term parking, call for car rental service, taxi stand, intercity bus service, public transit connection.
  • 10 miles: WINDSOR LOCKS (S. MAIN ST. (RTE. 159)). Services: public payphones, free short-term parking, free long-term parking, call for car rental service, call for taxi service, public transit connection.
  • 15 miles: WINDSOR (41 CENTRAL ST.). Services: enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, free short-term parking, call for car rental service, call for taxi service, public transit connection.

Colleges and Universities

College/University in Longmeadow:

  • BAY PATH COLLEGE (Full-time enrollment: 662; Location: 588 LONGMEADOW ST; Private, not-for-profit; Website: www.baypath.edu; Offers Master’s degree)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Longmeadow:

  • SPRINGFIELD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 4 miles; SPRINGFIELD, MA; Full-time enrollment: 4,026)
  • SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE (about 5 miles; SPRINGFIELD, MA; Full-time enrollment: 4,176)
  • WESTERN NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE (about 7 miles; SPRINGFIELD, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,285)
  • HOLYOKE COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 12 miles; HOLYOKE, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,747)
  • MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE (about 13 miles; SOUTH HADLEY, MA; Full-time enrollment: 2,029)
  • SMITH COLLEGE (about 19 miles; NORTHAMPTON, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,053)
  • MANCHESTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 21 miles; MANCHESTER, CT; Full-time enrollment: 2,863)

Public primary/middle schools in Longmeadow:

  • LONGMEADOW HIGH (Students: 1,046; Location: 95 GRASSY GUTTER RD; Grades: PK – 12)
  • CENTER (Students: 552; Location: 837 LONGMEADOW; Grades: KG – 05)
  • BLUEBERRY HILL (Students: 533; Location: 275 BLUEBERRY HILL RD; Grades: PK – 05)
  • WOLF SWAMP ROAD (Students: 468; Location: 62 WOLF SWAMP RD; Grades: KG – 05)
  • GLENBROOK MIDDLE (Students: 417; Location: 110 CAMBRIDGE CIRCLE; Grades: 06 – 08)
  • WILLIAMS MIDDLE (Students: 373; Location: 410 WILLIAMS STREET; Grades: 06 – 08)

Private primary/middle schools in Longmeadow:

  • ST MARY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Students: 210; Location: 56 HOPKINS PLACE; Grades: KG – 8)
  • LONGMEADOW MONTESSORI (Students: 122; Location: 777 LONGMEADOW ST; Grades: PK – KG)
  • YESHIVA ACADEMY (Students: 111; Location: 1148 CONVERSE STREET; Grades: PK – 8)
  • HERITAGE ACADEMY (Students: 80; Location: 594 CONVERSE STREET; Grades: 1 – 8)
  • WILLIE ROSS SCHOOL FOR DEAF (Students: 70; Location: 32 NORWAY STREET; Grades: PK – UG)
  • KINDERCARE LEARNING CT #1005 (Students: 25; Location: 28 DWIGHT RD; Grades: PK – KG)


Library in Longmeadow:

  • RICHARD SALTER STORRS LIBRARY (Operating income: $581,115; Location: 693 LONGMEADOW ST.; 79,391 books; 2,010 audio materials; 1,894 video materials; 200 serial subscriptions)