List Of Prohibited And Permitted During Pregnancy

Expert includes cinnamon and mint tea in the list that should be avoided

The Teas are on the list of most recommended natural remedies by mothers and grandmothers, especially for pregnant women. However, some plants endanger the health of infants and the mother-to-be.

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According to nutritionist Fernanda Mariz, specializing in pregnant women, some teas have potential abortifacient and cannot be ingested during pregnancy. “The Chilean boldo tea, for example, is freely marketed to gastric disorders. However, it can cause abortion and should not be consumed by pregnant women, “she explains.

Prohibited Teas

According to the expert, in the list of teas cannot be consumed in pregnancy to be abortifacients are the Ahmadi, vine-1000-men, beast, luffa operculata North, Comfrey, oleander, melon-San caetano, santa-maria, purge-pinion or sprocket-ParaguayanPennyroyal and wormwood. See list of maternity cardigans onĀ calculatorinc.

“The cinnamon tea is also contraindicated because blood causes constriction and contraction of the muscles of the uterus,” she explains. The Peppermint tea should also be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding because it decreases milk production. “With too much caffeine Teas, like green, black and white and yerba mate, alsoare not indicated”, he adds.

The Teas of cascara sagrada, pomegranate, guaco, horsetail, Sanda and arnica should not be consumed during pregnancy.

Allowed Teas

According to Fernanda, Chamomile tea, lemon balm, lemon grass are allowed and indicated in pregnancy because they have soothing and digestive properties that promote feeling of relaxation to the mother and the baby. “Fennel tea is also releasedbecause it helps increase the amount of breast milk,” she explains. The expert points out that ideally the mother-to-be consult an expert before consuming any type of tea.

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