Life As A Mother–Self-Esteem In Pregnancy

Since I posted this photo on Instagram, the first minutes before delivery and the second 10 days later, I keep receiving questions about how I managed to lose weight so quickly, as I took care during pregnancy and in the post, and how many pounds I gained.

I’m super honest and know that this post will be very controversial, and many readers will criticize. But always tell how I feel, whether good or bad, life as it is.

It’s easy to talk about all the beauty that surrounds the pregnancy and the playful side of this stage. But this works for an outsider, not for those who experience isn’t it?

Yes, pregnancy is a time more than magical and beautiful with maternity sports bras from Etaizhou. I’m actually surprised the baby in her belly and development as it happens so fast. Generate a son feels indescribable to any woman.

But I want to talk about the side of self-esteem, of beauty, and the insecurities that we passed in this period to come so many changes in the physical, mental and in our routine. And I want to tell a little as it was for me.

I love being a mom, I love you and live 12:00 am a day this universe, I can’t live without my daughters. But I just hated getting pregnant (don’t kill me!).

Pregnancy does not sit well for me in any of the times. Maybe because I’m small and generate huge daughters for my size, or just the hormones of pregnancy made me well.

I always wanted to get pregnant and be a mother. The day I knew I was pregnant with Bruna didn’t hold back so much joy, even more because I was trying for a few months, and every month disappointing me with tests that gave only negative.

Had in mind to take care of myself as much as possible, because dreamed of getting linda pregnant, take several pictures, do a pregnancy book, anyway. I in fact took care me enough. I just did healthy meals, not eaten sweet not even 1 frying, eat every day spinach, beets, watercress … and besides I did physical therapy and drainage. Result of this caution: 16 kg on the scale and a swelling that neither slipper fit on my foot.

My face was so swollen, deformed and I felt horrible. I look in the mirror and didn’t recognize me. When someone was still needed to hear: “You look great, just a little bloated, with little pregnant!” Little pregnant??? I knew I was swollen and ultra was even worse.

I swear I envied my friends who are pregnant taking lots of pictures and I’ve always been super conceited, just have the guts to take pictures of the belly and side. I couldn’t understand how eating super light, there was fat and swollen so much. In addition, huge and dark spots on the face, an absurd oiliness and redness on the nose.

So to Bruna was born was even worse, in the days after childbirth I even more bloated. When I weighed returning from maternity leave had not lost an ounce. As was possible since the Bruna was born with 3.930 pounds??

I cried enough thinking that never come back to my weight. In addition, the stains of my face getting worse every day and were so big and dark that not the best basis we could use.

Suddenly, 1 week after birth I started to collapse and lose weight. In 1 month I lost 13 pounds and the other 3 I lost in 2 months. I haven’t done any scheme, only nursed exclusively in chest, which helps a lot to lose weight and I avoided some foods that could give cramping Bruna.

Still I wasn’t satisfied with my body and my face, and even more so, with the scar from c-section that wasn’t cool because I have Eastern and skin healing difficult. But I decided that while I was breastfeeding would forget a bit of taking care of myself and look at it as a period that soon would pass, and dedicate myself to just be mom.

At the end of breastfeeding, with 8 months of Bruna, I decided to start taking care of me. I was treating my skin and I went back to Pilates. The skin were 3 months between lasers and peels to get better stains and I begin to be satisfied and happy.

And so, with 1 year of Bruna, I was coming back to me enjoy and remember that Yes, there is life for a couple and even to the mother in addition to take care of a child.

I stopped taking pills when Bruna 1 year, as did with 36 years couldn’t roll hard to the second child. I was still too lazy to get pregnant and start all over again. But as it took me to get pregnant the first time I thought; now I’m going to let go and know that even more with the rush of having another child, and I don’t want to stress about it.

I figured it would take at least 6 months to get pregnant.

And suddenly a single test confirmed; I was pregnant again!

Of course everyone gets emotional when she finds out. I thanked my patroness, our Lady of Fatima, for having blessed me with another pregnancy so quickly.

After the happiness, the fright, the fear, the anxiety as soon as another child?

I stopped the Pilates immediately because I felt so sick that I couldn’t even think about doing anything that wasn’t just lying. I also stopped with all the creams and acids to the face.

And in just 2 weeks all the spots on my face are back. And with a vengeance!

The second pregnancy you don’t think too much and just remember that you’re pregnant because of the nausea…, you have another child to care for, work, home, blog, anyway. I thought it would be different and I wouldn’t feel so ugly… and I confess that I myself took care of anything this time. I did not scheme, ate chocolate every day, I haven’t eaten spinach and beets, and I did. In other words, I’m ZERO example to anyone who ask me how I took care in pregnancy.

Result of “no” caution: 11 kg.

Not so bloated in the body this time, but the face once again was super bloated (you can see in the picture that illustrates this post my face and the difference a few days later)

The months passed, a lot faster than last time, and I once again running out of photographic machines and just counting the days to get rid of the belly that was causing me pain in my back and I could hardly let me walk.

It took me a good the fact I didn’t feel anything beautiful because I have had previous experience of knowing that after all would pass. Well I just thought I’d enjoy the Bruna, enjoy the day her daughter only, and take care of all the rest. The worst for me in the last few months was the feeling of being limited, unable to move around, unable to get to Bruna and sit down to play with her, or even put a shoe was difficult by the size of the stomach.

Manu was born big and healthy thanks to God. I took the birth to call my cousin who is a plastic surgeon to close my SCAR and leave it better. And in fact she looks great! That is, a bother to my shopping list.

No bloated this time after childbirth, lost everything in 10 days, but on the other hand had a series of complications that thousand times being overweight but healthy and well prepared. I was so weak, and lose weight so fast and go without sleep, I was sick almost every week and even a greater complication such as infection and bleeding. And still managed to maintain firm breast feeding because I didn’t have the heart to give a bottle to go to sleep a little bit for a night and try to recover. Thank God everything is OK now, but I’m still very quiet at home, eating well, healthy and taking vitamins and enjoying every moment next to my two daughters.

So the secret to lose weight quickly, not always good or make you happy. We simply do not have control of a few things. As well as I would like to not have swollen so much in pregnancy, have lost weight so quickly and been so weak. In this last month, I had many nights afraid to not have health to take care of my daughters, fear of not being able to breastfeed, fear of having to go to the hospital (as happened) and I have not let them… Anyway, a fear of mother who feels powerless if you don’t have health care. And can you believe that fear grows every child with the weight of responsibility.
So today, more than get the stains out of my face or go back to the gym, my main objective is to be in good health and recover soon.

All this to tell that each pregnancy is one way. There’s no rule. I’m nowhere near example for anyone, do you have the formula for good shape even during pregnancy, or after, and I was fairly criticized for complaining that I was not pretty in pregnancy. And in fact I was not and I don’t have to hide.
But all I was complaining in pregnancy, forgot after the belly was gone.

Some women look beautiful and feel full, powerful and accomplished. Other hate themselves pregnant and not pass near the mirror. Others have fits of Miss belly…

For this pregnant woman who wrote to me with so much affection; know that in the end everyone lose weight. Being that you eat a pan of Brigadier a day, you will return to your weight. Mothers who breastfeed enough (Yes, it’s hard in the beginning but passes!), eat well and drink too much liquid.
Only some take longer to lose weight, others less. The important thing is not to charge so much in a phase that the woman has to be a SUPER WOMAN.

And I can assure you that happiness after the birth is such that surpasses any crisis with self esteem.

I’m so done with my two daughters and in total moment of passion for them.

And you dear readers, someone shares with me the experience of not having enjoyed much of the pregnancy, and how was the post??