LG G6, Review with Video

The largest bet on mobile LG is already among us until it touches the turn for the V line take the baton in September. Heretofore, LG G6 will shine with their own light at the front of the catalogue of the Korean manufacturer with a noble and difficult task, do forget to a LG G5 that disappointed in his bid by modular, and also in terms of sales, but not in overall performance.

With the premise of removing frames, LG has opted for a new format for your screen, lengthening the phone but doing so manageable. A phone with big screen and medium body that fought against the giants of the market to take over the throne to the best smartphone of the year. Although you won’t have things nothing easy. Meanwhile, we are going to submit it to an analysis to see what is able to give of themselves, How has been the proposal of LG this 2017.

Absolute prominence to the display and the dual camera in the back to the essence

Elongated with two faces completely flat screen design rules at first glance that we take at the LG flagship. He found characteristic of previous models as its dual camera with a lens specific for wide shots, or as the count with protection against dust and water, a detail that is cast in absence in the previous model. We know better to this LG G6 before going on in the operating room.

The most compact phone with big screen? LG G6, now, is unrivalled. A marvel of design

LG G6, technical
Physical dimensions 148,9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm (163 g)
Screen IPS LCD 5.7 inch
Resolution 2,880 x 1440 pixels (564ppp)
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
Memory 32 / 64GB
Software version 7.0 Android – LG UX 6.0
Connectivity LTE 9 Cat (450/50 Mbps), USB Type C 3.1 (On-The-Go)
Cameras Double 13 megapixel camera. 5 megapixel front camera
Battery 3300 mAh
Price Pending date and price.
Other FM radio

A sturdy, waterproof phone and minimizing risks

Leave the modularity has done that this LG G6 can count on an interesting feature that provides greater resistance to the terminal: protection against dust and water. We can not ignore the feeling of fragility that offers the count with 80% of the front coated screen, Although the rounded corners provide a quite attractive to the set point. Without just frames, can be a kind of “small my Mix” which is comfortable in hand.

Fashion phones without frames reaches halfway this LG whose curved corners make it really attractive

He plays speak lines design of this LG G6 and the personality that shows both its front and back, with the drawing that form the two rear sensors next to the fingerprint reader. With aluminum frame set two glass plates that surround a body unibody, sealed and waterproof protection IP68, that we will prevent, however, replace the battery.

Grateful for the presence of Gorilla Glass 5 back and Gorilla Glass 3 in front, playing with maximum thinness, but playing it by subtracting protection. Gorilla Glass is also present in the Chambers, with the fourth degree of protection for both lenses. And as often happens with metal telephones, fingerprints are present, most in the black model in other options. As for connectors, we have jack for headphones and USB C. In addition, the USB is 3.1 and supports OTG.

An elongated screen, a new proportion

We can call it 18:9 or 2:1, but what is clear is that the 5.7 inch QHD + LG G6 they premiered new dimensions, a space in which to fit two squares of 1,440 pixels in side and that allows us, thanks to its extra pixels in length, see panoramic content and maintain the navigation buttons on the screen. A bet that mark differences versus the competition.

IPS LCD, the screen behaves in addition to excellent form in the representation of color and its definition, with angles of vision at a good level and whose brightness allows us to see the phone in broad daylight the day without problems. We are talking about, remember, a panel that is located at maximum brightness above the 600 nits.

LG IPS LCD panel outdoor performance is surprising, above the 600 nits

Panel is designed for media consumption, or that say its designers, and its new proportion achieved a 11.3% extra information on screen also featuring Dolby Vision and HDR 10 to bring the experience to the highest level. The LG has intended the resemble their reference monitors the quality of vision, so quality is guaranteed. We have done tests with 4 K content and looks very attractive, so the demo that includes the phone as external content.

The eternal question of the processor, do weak hardware?

In order to arrive before the market than the Samsung Galaxy S8, and knowing that the Snapdragon 835 would have availability problems for a few months, in LG chose to chip from Qualcomm for the closure of the past 2016. The G6 mounted a Snapdragon 821 and sowing doubt about its ability to compete against the generations now arriving and, above all, on its durability with support from its manufacturer.

To support this processor, LG has set up a system of special cooling that works perfectly. Phone heats up between very little or nothing, and develops all its power using 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage that we can expand. There will be 64GB version for Asia, lucky who can access it, because the system stays with 10GB for own consumption, a new obstacle for a phone that will cost above the 700 euros.

We will not notice the absence of the Snapdragon 835, the phone is very well optimized

And how it works the fingerprint reader? Plays tell that It is not a button, but it is a touch sensor We won’t have to push, and although we feel that the reader of this G6 is slightly slower than the mounted by its competition, such as Huawei, does not present a problematic point.

The autonomy is mediocre, the 3300 mAh fall short

32GB of memory the same is for some users, knowing that 10GB system eats them. As you can see, there is room for a microSD next to the SIM

Bet on a unibody body implies not to replace the battery, but in compensation was mounted an internal battery with 500 extra mAh with respect to the model of the previous year. However, this aspect isn’t exactly the strong point of the phone and the results obtained during the test offer us a result very similar to that obtained with the LG G6.

Bright autonomy does not, fast loading, load wireless not

We are talking about one major screen but also a battery pack that has grown accordingly. Based on previous analyses, it is likely that this LG is a step behind even of the S7 Galaxy and iPhone 7, terminals last year and find renewal long before the Korean model. The screen is huge and have to feed it, and that will result in that It will be difficult to get home with more than 25% of battery. High ranges, the requirement must be greater.

As a positive note, we will have quick load. With it we can fill the full phone in one hour and three quarters and only need 35% to return half of the burden. Doze is also behaving well, so the telephone standby will consume very little power. That Yes, we do not expect Wireless charging because not more than come to the United States or South Korea.

The screen grows and adapts the software

With this LG G6 we have a terminal with Android 7.0 Nougat and customizing classic LG applied to their devices. The interesting thing is that everything is adapted to the new high of screen and layer LG UX 6.0 allows you to leverage the proportion 2:1 this LG G6. Only by having more vertical pixels, applications can display more information on screen, something that is appreciated in web browsing, mail or messaging apps.

The screen format will also facilitate other uses as of two applications simultaneously or the new interface for the camera. On the adaptation of some games, it is normal that black on each side bands, appear although we will have ways of adaptation to apply zoom, if we so wish.

LG interface adapts to the new look of the display of your G6

Returning to the system it must be said that there is three types of desktops, We can put one typical Android, with your apps drawer, or one more iOS, without it. The third is called ‘Easy Home’ and shows the main options in large format. We can pull a theme Manager If not convince us the contrived appearance of series, that LG has designed to match the external color of each team.

Special mention for the Google Wizard, present at this LG G6 though for now only works in English. Nor is it smarter than Google Now at the moment, but offers a chance to interact with the phone through voice and will give us automatic responses on the web, nearby points thanks to geolocation, add reminders and even translate texts if we ask.

The key, camera: more consistent and fun

Same provision of cameras that in LG G5, but here the hump is not noticed

Having previously tried the G5 LG brought us until this G6 with high expectations, and dual camera configuration became one of the points to highlight, and also exploit. Two different objectives, both quite angular, in order to get pictures with much more generous, even if its result is a software process to join information from both lenses.

There has been improvement since the LG G5 for in this model there is hardly differences between both rear lenses, two sensors IMX258 13 megapixel in both with the difference that one lens is f/1.8 with 71 degrees and the other is with 125 degrees f/2.4. The main one, is also accompanied by an optical stabilizer, a fact to keep in mind if we want to do photography in movement or low light. It is always better to take hold of the first sensor to the second.

LG G6 gets good light fantastic shots and the angle is fun both outdoors and indoors. It should be noted the behavior of lenses with low light, especially for not being sensors with very large pixels. The G6 has also improved approaches and with the selection of the exhibition, thanks above all to that has a system of double contrast: TECNOCOM and PDAF. Contrast and phase.

We have creative modes, such as the possibility of capturing two square photos United in a single image, manual options for the most seasoned in the photographic field and the addition of the camera roll, that takes advantage of the extra screen space to display the latest captured photos.

This LG G6 camera keeps a high level, losing to Megapixels on the G5 but winning in dynamic range and definition, and has a more balanced and complete configuration. As for the front camera, 5 megapixel camera with a 100 degree angle, less well defined than rear cameras and problems with low light, though he manages to capture good content for social networks, and has good performance on video for video conferencing.

LG G6, the opinion of Engadget

Possibly the best thing we can say about this LG G6 is that Koreans have stopped experiments. They have opted to build a solid terminal, with good performance, good design and a camera flying very high, and they have succeeded despite having their gray points along the way. With everything, LG has done his work outstanding.

If you were waiting for someone to make a compact phone with a spectacular display, LG G6 is the best choice

The phone is really nice and small for the size of screen that placed in our hands, and the only drawbacks we can meet you at a general level is that in Europe we have no higher level model, but that their best pieces will be distributed by other markets. The Wireless charging, greater capacity, the special audio DAC…

The success of this phone will depend on how strong is Samsung bet with their future Galaxy S8, because already in Korea is making crop land fellow giant. LG reign may be short of agreement, but by the way they can achieve approaching his arch rival. LG G6 leaves us a great taste and we now wait to see what will be able to do with the future LG V30.


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