LG G6 Is The Terminal Chosen for That LG Pay Make Its Debut in South Korea in The Month of June

Let us look to the future because the era of mobile payments is now, and we do not mean the various solutions posed by operating systems or certain brands, such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, but by the banks themselves options. Rare is the entity that does not have a tool to pay with your mobile beyond where you spend.

They may still not be infallible methods that allow us to dispense with other payment methods or similar, but almost all of the technology market is putting their two cents in fintech sector, and LG let clear their intentions by the end of 2015. It was then when he announced the arrival of LG Pay and now we know when will happen and what model it will enjoy in the first place.

Welcome, LG G6… to Korea

Choose the device with which to start the journey in the market for a new tool is not trivial and LG have decided that your LG G6 is the first to be able to enjoy your new Pay. The current flagship arose in the past, Mobile World Congress and just now, for example, announced their arrival date and price for Spain.

But that the 749 euros of the new LG G6 us not mistake, will not enjoy LG Pay in our country, nor in any other country, in his initial round. For now, LG has confirmed that Pay will start rolling in Korea of the South, his home, and who will do so in the month of June. A logical movement, also interesting, as the G6 is their homeland and there is having a very high initial acceptance.

Samsung already had to put on the table a list of compatible devices when it launched Samsung Pay, and the S7 and S7 Edge topped a list of up to six smartphones different that they continued to grow with the passage of time. LG just announced that the LG G6 will have this possibility and we do not know if this list will increase as its output is approaching the market.

LG Pay-compatible devices are limited for now to one, LG G6, although it is too early

Not only for the LG G5, other device still in fullness of faculties with you need to incorporate mobile payments of its manufacturer. It has a fingerprint reader and NFC chip, as well as the LG V10 or the LG V20, the examples that populate the high-end LG. For now we keep waiting to see what other terminals are running a LG Pay between now and summer.

At the moment we know that LG Pay will employ MST, the same technology that uses its direct competition, Samsung Pay, and that allows to use payments even if the POS has installed NFC. We surely know more about LG pay as approaching the month of June, the date fixed by the own LG for his debut in the Korean land.