Let Your Old Cell Preventing Children’s Accidents and Save Lives

Child accident fund is behind a collection of old mobiles, which must prevent child accidents and help save lives in Africa.

4 out of 5 Danes have one or more cell phones lying in the drawer, as they do not use. This is shown by a new study conducted by the Child Accident Fund has created.

So instead of storing the old cell phones in the tray, you can now donate them to advantage both for children’s safety and the environment. Behind the collection stands Child Accident Fund and EMC.

Every year there are more than 165,000 children who suffer an accident and have a ride on damage stones. Children’s accidents are one of the biggest health problems in Denmark. It writes children’s accident fund in a press release.

-“Overall, there is a really large number of mobile phones in Denmark that is not being used anymore. Instead of the lies and gathering dust in the Danish homes, we hope that the Danes will fish their old mobiles from the tray and support our mobile collection for the benefit of our children’s safety, “says Henriette Madsen, head of a children’s accident fund.

Child accident fund gets an average of 40 kroner for each mobile phone collected, which goes to the prevention of child accidents in Denmark.

EMC and Child Accident Fund provides the collected mobile phones are being repaired and cleaned, after which they will be reused in small townships in Africa. Phones donated to hospitals here, so they can be in contact with the patients, when they are not in the hospital bed.

You can read more about the collection and where you can drop off your old cell here.