Law School Admission Test


Given the LSAT’s importance it is absolutely necessary that you prepare carefully for the exam. Under no circumstance should you take the LSAT without the benefit of preparation. The LSAT is not like a standard I.Q. test. In other words, it does not test basic knowledge or intelligence in such a way that renders preparation irrelevant. Instead, the test employs questions of a type and structure that requires familiarity for optimal performance. Practicing for the LSAT dramatically increases performance scores so you should practice regularly.

The official LSAT registration catalog contains sample questions which explains the format and content of the exam. This limited exposure, however, is insufficient. At minimum, you should invest in LSAT preparation materials available at any bookstore in order practice in advance. Check your local bookstore for available preparation materials or contact the LSAC for official preparation materials and study aides that are available for purchase.

  • LIUXERS.COM: Offers a list of Federal school codes for educational institutions located in Rhode Island, covering FAFSA codes within Rhode Island state.

In addition to self-study, many students elect to take commercial LSAT preparation courses. There are a variety of these services. The cost for these courses, the length of study and the intensity of preparation vary by provider. Among the more reputable providers are Kaplan’s, Princeton Review, HomeLSAT, and LSAC provided services. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a LSAT preparation course in order to maximize performance on the LSAT.