Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Nevada

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According to biotionary, Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. And that is not strange with all the entertainment that can be found here day and night. From concerts, magic shows and performances to the countless casinos, museums and golf courses. You can stay here in the most extravagant hotels with luxurious swimming pools or in small boutique hotels. The main airport for this city, also known as Sin City, is McCarran International Airport, located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip.

The airport has two terminals and international flights arrive at terminal 3. From here you will board a shuttle bus that will take you to the Hertz rental facility located 5 km away. At our office you will receive the keys to the car that you have selected online. So you can quickly set off to enjoy the city that never sleeps.

Driving Around In And Around Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport is the main commercial airport in the Las Vegas Valley. It is located in the west of the country, in the US state of Nevada. You can enjoy driving around this mountainous and desert-like Silver State, but you can also easily drive from here to the state of California, which borders Nevada to the west and south, or to the Colorado River in the east.

Two major roads are accessible from the airport: Interstate 15 and Interstate 215. An interstate is an often long highway where you can drive between 65 and 75 mph (105 and 120 km/h). The name of the highway might suggest that it crosses several states, but this is not always the case. Interstate 215 begins at Murrieta and ends north at San Bernardino. Interstate 15 is a much longer road and major highway in the western United States. This road starts at the border of Mexico in San Diego and extends north through California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, among others, to Alberta in Canada. If you want to combine a visit to Las Vegas with a driving holiday in the western United States, you can visit nice cities via the I-15, including San Diego, Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls.

Another major road that you can easily access from the airport is Tropicana Avenue. This is a major road that runs east to west in the Las Vegas area. The road is named after the Tropicana Resort & Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. The road begins at Dean Martin Drive and runs along Las Vegas Boulevard toward Boulder Highway. When you drive on this road, you will come across nice attractions. These are mainly hotels and casinos such as the Wild West Casino and the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, but you will also drive past the Liberace Museum here.

A Short Tour Of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. You may recognize this airport from television. The airport has been featured in many Hollywood films, including Ocean’s Thirteen and The Hangover. You can enjoy Las Vegas as soon as you arrive at the airport. From here you have a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip. Walk past the other international passengers and discover for yourself the possibilities of this vibrant city.

Feast your eyes on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is one of the most recognizable cities in the United States. The main street ‘The Strip’ is one of the most characteristic streets of Las Vegas. It is a very busy street of about 7 km long that is full of hotels, casinos, shops and restaurants. And don’t worry about the busy traffic: pedestrian bridges have been placed everywhere that allow you to cross the street safely and quietly. If you really want to get the most out of your visit to The Strip, take it easy for 4 hours. So you can admire everything well. Don’t forget to take a walk in the evening when the thousands of lamps and neon lights light up the city.

Stay overnight in one of the world famous hotels

Als u in een stad verblijft, kiest u vaak van tevoren al een hotel uit en kijkt u vrijwel niet meer om naar de andere hotels in de stad. In Las Vegas is dit echter een heel ander verhaal. Welk hotel u ook boekt, het is enorm leuk en interessant om ook eens een kijkje te nemen in een van de andere hotels die vaak ook een casino hebben. Deze hotels zijn namelijk ook wat The Strip zo beroemd maakt. Het oudste hotel aan The Strip is het Flamingo dat hier centraal ligt. Het is een enorm hotel dat te herkennen is aan het roze Flamingo-bord dat uitstekend bij de sfeer van de stad past. Het Bellagio geeft een schitterende fonteinshow die wereldberoemd is, terwijl het spectaculaire Venetian met zijn kanalen en gondels gebaseerd is op de romantische stad in Italiƫ. Vaak hebben de hotels ook schitterende zwembaden zoals het Golden Nugget Hotel met zijn watervallen en het aquarium The Tank waar u vrijwel naast de haaien zwemt of de tropische lagune van The Mirage. Tijdens een vakantie is het nog nooit zo leuk geweest om verschillende hotels en hun overdadige faciliteiten te bezoeken.

Head into the Mojave Desert

All that bustle and lights can sometimes be a bit too much of a good thing and that’s why it’s nice to be able to retreat in peace. And where better to do this than in the desert? As soon as you drive out of town, you enter the arid world of the Mojave Desert, a separate but unmissable experience. It is an area consisting of horsten (mountain ranges) and geological rifts (flat valleys). In the desert you can see about 2000 different animal species, but the Yucca brevifolia, or Joshua Tree, can also be admired here. It can get very hot in the desert, so be sure to pack some bottled water in your Las Vegas rental carin. You can drive to a number of ghost towns such as Calico and Kelso. A 41 meter high thermometer can be admired near the town of Baker.

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport