Overijssel, Netherlands

Landmarks of Overijssel, Netherlands


According to Definition Knowing, the province of Overijssel guarantees a lot of beautiful nature, lots of water and atmospheric villages and towns. Some towns and villages still have many historic buildings in the city centre. There are therefore many special country estates in Overijssel. For example, you have the Huis Singraven near Denekamp, ​​Twickel Castle in Delden and the 17th century Huis te Breckelenkamp. The cycling routes in this region are excellent. Villages, castles, monumental farms and open natural plains are alternated and here and there there is an opportunity for a delicious snack and a drink.

Top 10 sights of Overijssel

#1. The battle

Hanseatic city of Kampen is full of historical sights such as the Koornmarktspoort, Cellebroederspoort, the Bovenkerk, the Municipal Museum and the Stadsgehoorzaal. A very nice experience to soak up the history of Kampen is to follow the Thea Beckman route. This famous writer of historical stories has often used the city of Kampen as inspiration. The famous route takes you through the beautiful city center, the IJsselkade, city walls and medieval churches. Other special walks in the city of Kampen can be followed with a real knight.

#2. Giethoorn

With its many waters, bridges and ‘punt’ boats, Giethoorn is also called ‘Holland’s Venice’. The romantic spots around the water give Giethoorn a special and authentic appearance. A number of nice sights are the car museum Histomobil, Museum farm ‘t Olde Maat Uus and the old mill. But sailing through the canals of the city in a boat is special enough in itself.

#3. National Park Weerribben Wieden

Weerribben Wieden National Park is located in the northwest of the province of Overijssel. The 100 km² park was established in 1882. Previously, this area was extremely popular for recruiting peat and bog. Large lakes in this area have arisen in places where peat created holes. Nowadays, many animals live in this area such as otters, many species of birds such as the Black Tern, the short-eared owl and butterflies. On the waters it is possible, for example, to go canoeing or to make a tour excursion. You can find more information in the various visitor centers.

#4. Cheers

The oldest stone house in the Netherlands can be found in the old episcopal city of Deventer. The building with the name Proosdij dates from around 1130 and was built with building stone from the low mountain range of the Eifel. It functioned as a residence for board members of the college of the nearby Lebuïnus Church. Eventually it later came into the hands of the soldier Hendrik de Sandra who held a high position as a cavalry officer. The alley ‘Sandrasteeg’ where this building is located is named after him.

#5. Amusement park Slagharen

Amusement park Slagharenonce started as a pony park, but nowadays it is an all-round amusement park with plenty to do for everyone. The last ponies left the amusement park in 2017. Today you can have fun on more than 30 different rides, including a Ferris wheel, a cable car, a free-fall tower and two roller coasters. Especially on hot summer days, the various water attractions are very pleasant to get on. In the centrally located Main Street you will find shops and restaurants. Just like before, you can still spend the night at the park. You can sleep in a real wigman within Wigwamworld or opt for a mobile home or bungalow at the holiday park.

#6. Adventure park Hellendoorn

The once small-scale playground of Hellendoorn has grown over the years into a fully-fledged amusement park with the most diverse fast and slower attractions. Wild water rides, fast rollercoasters and Discovery Club try to scare the hell out of you. Both young and old will be able to enjoy themselves in this pleasantly landscaped amusement park. Different shows are given alternately throughout the day or you can relax on one of the terraces. Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is fun for people of all ages.

#7. Zwolle

Among the many canals of Zwolle, you can find beautiful historic places such as the Sassenpoort, the Peperbus and around the Thorbeckegracht with its Wijndragerstoren. The old town used to be closed off by a city wall. Parts of this are still visible. There were originally no less than 23 towers on this wall. In the Zwolse Sassenpoort you can regularly relive the fairy tales of ‘Grimm’.

#8. Clog museum

A clog museum is located in an old barn in the town of Enter. Here you can see a demonstration of the old traditional Dutch craft. There are many different types of wooden shoes that you do not know exist. For example, there are football clogs, bridal clogs, smugglers clogs and music clogs. It is possible to purchase a pair of wooden shoes in the museum shop. The largest clog in the Netherlands can also be found right in the center of Enter.

#9. Sint Clemenstoren

In Steenwijk you can visit the Sint Clemenstoren. The oldest parts of this immensely large Protestant church date back to the year 1141. Unfortunately, many religious statues have been lost over the years. There are still a number of very old gravestones to be found. Some paintings in the church were placed around 1633. The tower that was placed there in the 15th century has a height of 87 meters. It took more than forty years to manufacture this tower. The tower can be climbed in July and August.

#10. canoeing

The province of Overijssel is perfect for canoeing. Not only the IJssel, but also the Vecht, the Benedenregge and various other rivers and streams form excellent terrain for canoeing. The nice thing about this activity is that you don’t have to be very sporty or practiced. Almost everyone can enjoy gliding over the water at their own pace, while enjoying the beautiful landscape of Overijssel in the meantime. There are numerous canoe rental companies who can also assist you in choosing a nice canoe route.

Overijssel, Netherlands