Bratislava, Slovakia

Landmarks of Bratislava, Slovakia


According to ALLCITYCODES.COM, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, a republic located in Central Europe. Bratislava was given the role of principal city after the republic of Slovakia emerged from the disintegration of Czechoslovakia. Bratislava is the largest city in the country and is located in the west, just an hour’s drive from the Austrian capital Vienna. Thanks to the rich history of Bratislava, quite a few buildings in excellent condition can be found in and around the historic center. Thanks to the relatively compact dimensions of the inner city, Bratislava is a very nice destination for a shorter city trip. Please note that not all attractions are open to the public during the winter months.

Top 10 places to visit in Bratislava

#1. Bratislavský Hrad
The foundations of the main fortress ‘Bratislavský hrad’ of the capital of Slovakia was built in the ninth century. Then it was known as Pressalauspurch. Subsequently, many adjustments and renovations have taken place over the years. The small historical center of Bratislava can be found mainly around this castle.

#2. Grassalkovichov Palác
On the Hodžovo Námestie you can admire the palatial residence of the President of Slovakia. This palace, built in baroque style, dates from around 1760. The building with its flagpoles and guards has a very courteous appearance. The associated gardens are now open to the public. There you will find the statue of Empress Maria Theresia on her horse.

#3. Nový Most
When we translate the name ‘Nový Most’, we are talking about the new bridge. A lot has been said about the name. When it opened in 1972 it was called Slovenského národného povstania, which means Slovak national uprising. However, in 1993, parliament decided that the bridge should be called Nový Most. Since then there have been initiatives to reverse it again. During the construction of this rather long bridge over the Danube, the Jewish quarter in the old city was flattened, among other things. At the highest point of the bridge, which is shaped like a UFO, you can find a restaurant by elevator, where you will immediately be rewarded with a spectacular view over the shore and the Petržalka district.

#4. Hlavné námestie
On Bratislava’s Main Market Square, together with the adjoining square Františkánské námestie, the core of the old historical part can be found. The square is located near the Bratislavský Hrad castle. On the square with its pastel-coloured facades are attractions such as the old town hall and Maximilian fountain with Knight Roland from 1572 on it. In winter, the Hlavné námestie is the setting for the Christmas market.

#5. Františkánské námestie
This second important square of downtown Bratislava is adjacent to the Hlavné námestie, the main square. Here is the Franciscan church and monastery, which are called ‘Františkánsky kostol Svestovania Pána’ in Slovak. The foundations of these structures date from the late thirteenth century. however, the baroque appearance was only acquired in the eighteenth century. Many coronations of kings have taken place in the church in the past. Meetings were often held in the monastery and, for example, the mayor was elected.

#6. Michalska Brana
The copper green roof of the Michael Gate rises head and shoulders above the buildings of the city of Bratislava. Michalska Brana used to be one of the four gateways to the city. At the top of the tower you can visit a weapons museum. On the balcony you have an excellent view of the city and its Bratislavský Hrad castle. The adjacent streets are pleasant shopping streets with various restaurants. In the summer months there is a lot of entertainment with buskers and stalls.

#7. Dinopark
This park can better be described as a small zoo. In addition to the many dinosaur images and themes, there are about seven hundred mammals, forty reptiles and two hundred birds to admire. The ninety-six hectare park is wooded and well maintained. There is also a playground and a 3D cinema where prehistoric animals come back to life.

#8. Art
All kinds of art form an important part of daily life in Bratislava. During the communist era, people used art to express their sense of oppression. Nowadays, art is applied in all kinds of forms in the street scene of Bratislava. What about the sometimes huge art objects that you find on Hviezdoslavovo Nameste or the images that are scattered throughout the historic city center and incorporated into the area.

#9. Katedrála svätého Martina
Bratislava’s Gothic-style St. Martin’s Cathedral was built on the anchors of an earlier church on the site. The cathedral is one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in Bratislava. Especially between 1563 and 1830, this church was often the setting for coronations of Hungarian kings. Under the church is a cemetery where important and influential people lie. Since 1847, a replica of the golden Crown of St. Stephen has been located in the church’s tower.

#10. Budova Slovenského rozhlasu Roughly
translated it means ‘Slovak Radio building’. Budova Slovenského is housed in a very special building. The design can best be compared to an inverted pyramid. It was built in 1967 to a design by Stefan Durkovic, Svetko Stefan and Barnabas Kissling. The test transmissions were not made until 1984, which turned out to be successful. The building also houses a concert hall with the largest organ in Slovakia.

Bratislava, Slovakia