Kahuna, a Kayak-Tent

For those who enjoy camping and boats, there’s an interesting novelty: the Kahuna is a kayak, but quite different from the conventional Kayak. He’s not driven only by rowing but also by pedals – similar to a paddle boat. Another difference is that it has a stabilizer on the side, similar to what you see in the Hawaiian canoes. But the attention is the ability to set up a tent on the structure. That’s right: it is designed so that, between the kayak and the stabilizer, can be erected a tent specially designed for that.
The project is of Swiss designers Mario Weiss and Niko Albertus-and unfortunately still is only a project. But the idea is good for those who like camping and enjoy good times in the water balance.
When the Kahuna is in the water, it is used as a kayak. For that, the boat features a pedal system that, with the aid of the rudder, the maneuvering engine. Come along as well a paddle, which can assist in some maneuvers. For the comfort of the caiaquista, the Bank has a high back and comfortable. And let not your wet butt! In addition, has been specially designed to withstand the movement of the legs required through the pedal.
When the caiaquista are tired of water and want to rest on land, the Kahuna acquires other features to be used as a tent. All you need for camping, including tent, can be hidden inside Kayak. The tent is mounted on the gap between the kayak and the stabilizer. The boat seat is removable, so you can also use it on land as Chair.
The boat is made of natural fiber composite materials, which are lighter and cheaper than with glass fiber, material used in several models of kayaks.
Second your designer, the Kahuna is suitable for recreational use, in calm waters. Due to the treadle system, could be shown to the people that enjoy fishing, shooting or doing other activities for which makes it easier to have your hands free. It is also a good solution for those who want to enjoy the waters and then rest on your tent where you please, somewhere isolated and wild.
But, in General, believe that any outdoor enthusiast would love to have a contraption like that, isn’t it?