Jeans Levis 501: Tab Numbering for the Line Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Did you know that Levis has a line of jeans dedicated to re-creating your story? The Levis Vintage Clothing draws inspiration in the past and rescues the designs more striking in the history of the brand.

Jeans Levis 501 Tab Numbering for the Line Levi’s Vintage Clothing

The main products of Levis Vintage Clothing are reproductions of versions of jeans Levis 501released along more than 100 years of the brand that invented jeans.

Pretty cool huh? But now comes the good news…

Levis Brazil has released these pants Levis 501 premium in your shop online. Now preparing: all jeans are with a super discount!

I took advantage of the promotion, but it was not easy to buy.

Each model has a modeling different. The cuts are reproductions of jeans vintages, and the pants has changed a lot from one decade to another.

Thinking about it I decided to write everything I know about each version of Levis jeans 501 to help you take advantage of this huge opportunity.

The Levi’s 501, The First pair of Jeans in the History

The Levi Strauss & Co. made the first jeans in 1873. The resistant fabric, today known as raw denim, and the pockets reinforced by rivets patented were two innovations. The jeans was a huge success among the workers of the mining industry and construction, and entered into the history of workwear.

The number 501 appeared in 1890– probably related to the numbering of the batch of fabrics. From then on it has been adopted to designate the now famous pants in denim.

This name remained throughout the decades, watching every change of the Levis 501. The jeans flagship of Levis underwent changes that reflected the style of each season. It is one of the biggest fashion icons, who accompanied the cultural changes and broke all the barriers.

The line Levi’s Vintage Clothing came on the scene to redeem this the past very rich. She plays the cut and the detail of some of the years that marked the history of jeans. The name of the pants from this line is Levis 501 + the year of the pants original.

Because the Levis 501, Levi’s Vintage Clothing is Different

The main difference of the pants Levi s Vintage Clothing for Levis 501 normal is modeling. The size of the pants will vary. They have waists, different, different widths, etc. It is because of these differences that you need to check what is your numbering.

The second major difference is the fabric. Each pant has your fabric. Levis has worked with its suppliers to re-create the denim based pants vintage.

Finally, each pants have small details that vary from year to year. These details reflect the historical context and enrich the history of the product.

In the following I will explain how these differences impact on what size you should buy.

The jeans from Levis Vintage Clothing are made with selvedge denim. It is a detail that existed in the jeans when the denim was made in looms closer. These looms have been replaced by other faster, and this detail on the edge of the fabric is lost.

In most cases this denim is also raw denim (denim raw) and was not sanforizado (pre shrunk). The denim gross not gone through any washing process or wear artificial. The denim is dark blue and it looks rough.

The washes have been pre shrunken. The washes repro pants old that the team of historians of the Levi’s panned.

Selvedge Denim

The selvedge denim has less utilization. It was abandoned when the factories switched narrow machine by other, wider, and faster. The selvedge is very cool when you use the bar of the pants and folded.

The jeans each jean is different. Some are darker, others more blue. Some have texture hairy, the other smooth. The weight also varies: some pants are made with denim, more lightweight, and the other with jeans heavy.

The 501 LVC rescues the original fabric. Even, they use the denim produced by Cone Mills, which supplies jeans to Levi’s for more than 100 years. The video above tells a bit of this historic partnership.

Read more about the Selvedge Denim.

Raw Denim

The raw denim is the denim raw, without any washing. The Levi’s calls this rigid.

Not to have been washed it has well more indigo and will fade as you use. The idea is that the jeans become a second skin, reacting to their day-to-day. The jeans tells a story!

With the time you will have a pair of pants with the classic “blue Levis” and that guy beaten up of course that everyone likes but no machine can reproduce.

Read more about the raw denim.

Sanforização: it Is Here That the Animal Picks up

The Sanforização is a process of shrinking. When you see that a fabric is “pre-shrunk”, he was sanforizado.

The pants shrink in length (mostly) and a little in width when they are washed for the first time. The waist and the width give a little with use, but it is impossible to recover the length.

Before that process was invented, people bought the jeans and left it to soak before use. In a famous scene from the movie a Pitbull, the main character wears the jeans wet for it to mold to your body while it shrinks.

The raw denim of the LVC was not sanforizado to redeem this “ritual” and because the tissue is more irregular, with a texture-rich.

It may be necessary to purchase a larger size to accommodate this margin shrinkage. I have some pants like that and I have documented the process. See the before and after of one of my jeans does not sanforizados.

List Jeans 501 That Are Not Sanforizados on the Site of the Levi’s Brazil

For ease I have compiled a list of all jeans on the site of the Levi’s Vintage Clothing which are not sanforizadas and will shrink more than normal when they come in contact with the water for the first time.