It Is Not a Disgrace for LG G6 Mount Snapdragon 821 Rather Than The Snapdragon 835

The market of smartphones is so fast-paced that kept always at the forefront is complicated, and to continue to progress you have to make certain decisions that can or does not understand, but which are necessary. The last case that we have here is the LG with its G6 LG, and the opted for the Snapdragon 821 to the detriment of an 835 that appears to preserve private Samsung, at least at the start of his journey.

With 60 million terminals sold in the past year, the once giant mobile is not already in the Top 5 worldwide. LG should do something and if in previous years, the competition was fierce, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may represent the more tough to beat that he had also Koreans in recent years. Especially now that the G6 should forget a disappointing G5 in terms of sales. And in the minds of many users, also disappointing in terms of design.

An allegedly rigged Board

If chess is a game difficult, imagine to sit and play a game and check that no accounts with the horses, or bishops. Imagine a football game that you already lose from the whistle of the referee. That’s what happens when we talk about the dispute for a processor that your competitor manufactures for the brand that has what you sell.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with the Snapdragon 835 almost in exclusive, because although it will also feature the Exynos version that will available in different markets, the South Koreans will command virtually 100% of the production of the chip in its first weeks. That we will never know if it is or not in the manufacturing contract that signed with Qualcomm, runs any possible competition from the first moment.

MediaTek out of competition, Qualcomm is still the only viable option for a flagship

LG had therefore a couple movements, thus jump to MediaTek is not currently a possibility, or for power’s own chips nor even by the manufacturing calendar. Today are still awaiting the promised helium 30 X you need to take Heaven by storm. Thus, before LG only had to Qualcomm and its leading processors of the catalogue. LG could wait or choose a previous generation, and chose the previous generation.

The 835 is higher, but not significantly higher

Not speak of a chip that carries 12 months on the market and which can be considered outdated without observing carefully his bowels. The Snapdragon 821, the chip that will carry the LG G6, does six months or in circulation. It meant an increase of power with respect to the 820 but mostly it meant an increase in something important today: Daydream VR support.

Agree that the Snapdragon 835 is superior on paper, but let’s take the ball to the ground and we are aware that the vast majority of users just wants a powerful terminal and that it meets your expectations in terms of design and experience. The 821 offers first, body we’ve seen so far of the G6 LG meets the second and third thing already will take care to LG with his future Assistant, Assistant or Alexa.

Come first

Choose the 2016 Qualcomm model can be seen as a gesture of weakness for LG in negotiations with Qualcomm. If Samsung has the position of strength and with the new chip for Yes, LG is therefore the loser on paper. But in this case come before is important, more than it seems, if the G6 wants to have any chance of increasing sales for their master. The S8 Galaxy looms as a steamroller It will be difficult to stop, and the own Samsung relies on breaking its own records of sale.

The options were, therefore wait and compete in power and “force” with Samsung, but arriving after the S8, or make a small concession in terms of raw power and anticipate the arrival of the model of your competition. LG has opted for the latter, and I think that it is a successful movement. Away from the circles geeks, nobody knows what is “a Snapdragon”, but have the G6 on sale earlier than the S8, and may be cheaper. Because remember, choose an old chip also lowers the cost.