Illinois State Travel Guide

North America

According to abbreviationfinder, Illinois is located in the northeastern United States, between Wisconsin (north), Kentucky (south), Missouri and Iowa (west), and Indiana and Lake Michigan (east). The state is divided into seven regions, namely Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern, Central, Western, Southern, and Southwest.

Illinois has a predominantly continental climate, with warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Lake Michigan and neighboring Canada determine much of the weather; the reason the city of Chicago has a temperate oceanic climate. In the winter months, the temperature fluctuates between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius, with a perceived temperature that is tens of degrees lower due to wind and precipitation. Summers are pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 25° to 30° C.

Best travel time

Late spring and late summer are the most pleasant, with plenty of clear, warm days and few crowds of domestic and foreign tourists. The winter months, when the state is battered by wind, snow and icy cold, are the least popular.

Flora and fauna

Illinois mainly has a flat landscape, dominated by prairies and water. The grass of the prairies makes the land incredibly fertile, so the plains are characterized by vast fields of grain and soybeans. The area in and around Illinois is also called The Great Lakes, because of the many waters and lakes that occur there. The west side is bordered by the Mississippi River, while the north side is bounded by Lake Michigan. In addition, the Illinois River flows through the state. Sandy beaches, cliffs and cypress swamps surround the lakes and waterways. The northwest, bordering Wisconsin, is a bit more varied in nature, with beautiful canyons and rocky cliffs. Spring reveals an abundance of wild flowers, of which the buttercup stands out in particular. Illinois Beach State Park in particular is known for this. In moist places, there is also a hanging lily, which graciously hangs its head from its stem. In autumn, the rubber trees, which stand with their roots in the water, change color in a spectacular way. The American white oak is the state tree, and is the showpiece of Sand Ridge State Forest.

Main cities

According to countryaah, Springfield is the state capital of Illinois. Chicago is by far the largest city, along with other notable cities such as Peoria, Decatur, and Rockford.


The Windy City is legendary for Al Capone and his associates, who ruled the city with a heavy hand during Prohibition in the 1920s. But even now, Chicago is still a top destination. See her from above from Sears Tower, Chicago’s very own Empire State Building. Art and culture are masterfully portrayed in the impressive Art Institute of Chicago. Or follow the corridors of the gangsters in a hilarious tour of ‘historical’ places where they lost their lives. Unforgettable!

Mississippi River Valley

A road trip along the infamous Mississippi River takes you past small riverine communities in Illinois, reminiscent of the bygone days of paddle boats and Huckleberry Finn. And that about 725 kilometers long!

Route 66

Most people know that this famous highway ends in LA. But that Route 66 starts in Chicago is often forgotten. Although the road officially no longer exists, the route is still often driven, over renamed Highways and byways. According to many, Route 66 is best ridden by motorcycle, but an open Cadillac is fine, in our opinion.