Hysterical Pregnancy: How To Identify?

Posted by Dog citizen in March 13, 2015-

By Malu Araújo, behavioral consultant and team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

The hysterical pregnancy or pseudociese is the name given to the behavior when the females act like they’re expecting puppies. The pseudociese is a false pregnancy and can happen to the girls too.

Usually manifests itself around two months after the heat. Some of the signs that your puppy or kitten is undergoing a hysterical pregnancy are: increase of the breast, get cloths, towels or clothes and assemble a “nest”, lead to this location a few toys and objects as if they were cute puppies like a Christmas gift, she can adopt the other animals in the House, have loss of appetite and change in behavior to be aggressive with their owners.

These symptoms are different in each animal, and they may exhibit one or more symptoms and with different intensity. To really make sure that the female is with hysterical pregnancy, be sure to talk to the médico-veterinário. Only a professional can confirm and indicate what should be done.

Despite being a relatively common problem, it is not advisable that the female pass through this often lifelong, because this behavior is stressful and can trigger other diseases such as mastitis.

The recommended treatment is castration, only with her prolactin production will be interrupted–hormone responsible both for pseudociese and the real pregnancy.

If the female is already with these symptoms, wait this period pass, respecting her space and continue with the usual routine, the tours, the schedule of feeding, etc. But if she refuses, respect.