HTC P3470 GPS and Advantage X 7510 with 16 GB SSD

HTC It was not less and we have news of this derivative of Qtek manufacturers, has achieved a Supreme significance in the field of intelligent terminals, mainly with Microsoft operating systems.

The highlight of the presentation was the HTC Advantage X 7510, the main novelty is the inclusion of a flash memory of 16 Gb that replaces the hard drive traditional.

It has also improved the keyboard, as we see having an excellent pint in the absence of try it, is clear. Also Opera 9.5 browser has been added.

The screen remains 5-inch flip-up and which detects the orientation of the same to place the text properly. Has 3MP camera and HSDPA connectivity.

Another novelty is the new HTC P3470, weighing 122 grams, less than 16 mm thick and that it hides a terminal which unfortunately is not HSDPA (all the terminals that are not us regret), works with the new Windows Mobile 6 Professional, 2.8 screen inches touch type and 2 megapixel camera.

It carries as a highlight GPS chip. You will have a price of 450 euros when it goes on sale in Spain next month.

Finally, HTC has announced the immediate availability of the HTC Shift in Europe, that it was high time that came in an official way.