How to Take Care of Your Hair During Pregnancy

Most women are concerned about the hair when they are pregnant. The changes are constant and felt during the nine months, and many pregnant women are insecure to take care of beauty and hair during the gestation period. The biggest question of the pregnant woman when it comes to hair care during pregnancy is whether they can use in chemistry, or if your hair is weak and sinkers because of pregnancy.

Most women usually feel a slight improvement of the hair during the nine months of pregnancy. All sweatshirts because during pregnancy, the wires remain in your anagen phase (of growth) and stimulated by hormones (progesterone and estrogen) and wind up getting thicker, and less likely to fall.

But the thing starts to complicate just after delivery, at that stage the woman begins to realize the increased fall quite significant that should last about four months. But there is no reason to panic.The hair will only drop the right amount that he didn’t fall during pregnancy. What women should avoid mainly in the first three months of pregnancy is to get any kind of hair chemistry, simple as it sounds.

The problem in using chemicals in your hair during pregnancy is that products in contact with the root of the hair, take substances like ammonia, sodium hydroxide, Guanidine, among others, into the bloodstream and reach the baby hurting your training.

For this reason the Ministry of health and the Brazilian Society of Dermatology does not recommend the use of chemicals during pregnancy. But women can hydrate the wires with good xampús products, conditioners, and hair moisturizing masks during and after pregnancy, so you will keep it healthy and strong cords to through all phases.