Innsbruck, Austria Transportation

How to Get to Innsbruck, Austria


Innsbruck is located almost in the very center of the European continent, getting here is not difficult. You can go directly, but it is cheaper and even faster to get through neighboring cities and countries. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Austria.

By air

Air communication connects Innsbruck with Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and other cities. In most cases, the flight will cost a pretty penny, you will need to make 2 transfers and spend a lot of time. The most convenient way to get from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Es Seven fly from the capital ‘s Domodedovo. The latter organizes direct flights, the time spent is about 3 hours.

Airplanes “Es Seven” depart 2-3 times a week.

Lufthansa carries out more than 20 flights a day, the journey will take 4-6 hours. There is a less time-consuming option – 3-4 hours.

There are many Lufthansa and British Airways flights in the Pulkovo schedule, many with 2 connections, most often in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. Es Seven offers the cheapest option – travel time is 6-10 hours. But for the New Year, these prices, of course, will be completely different.

The fastest route (5-6 hours) with one connection will cost 420 EUR, and sometimes the flight lasts more than a day.

From airport to city

The air gate is located 4 km from the historical center, you can drive to the Old Town in 10-15 minutes. Line F buses run 4 times an hour between the stop in front of the terminal and the Central Station, the ticket price is 5.10 EUR. A taxi is more comfortable, but more expensive – 40-70 EUR.

By rail

Once a week, a train leaves for Italy from the Belorussky railway station in Moscow. It passes through Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria, including through Innsbruck. This route is not particularly rational – you will have to listen to the sound of wheels for 1.5 days, and tickets in both directions will cost 400-500 EUR. This method is also suitable for residents of Vyazma and Smolensk, where the train makes stops.

On the ground

Buses to Innsbruck run from many European cities. Such a route will require extra body movements – you will need to get from the airport to the bus station – but in the end it will save time and money. The most convenient way to travel is through Munich (read about the ways of travel here). The bus station from which buses depart to the capital of Tyrol is located in the city center, within walking distance from the main station (this is where trains arrive from Munich airport). Transportation is organized by the Flixbus company (off. site in English) There are a lot of flights in the schedule, the journey takes only 2 hours, a ticket from 5 EUR. In terms of time, it turns out a little faster, but in terms of money, this route is almost 2 times cheaper.

Innsbruck Hotels

It is better for a tourist in Innsbruck to settle as close as possible to the Old Town – Altstadt. It is in the historical center that museums and architectural sights, interesting restaurants and shops are concentrated. Buses and funiculars to the ski resorts also leave from here. Most of the hotels are also located in the center, on the streets of the New Town you can only find apartments that are rented out.

There are good options in the surrounding villages – there is a great chance to settle in a house built in the old Tyrolean style. From here you can also climb the mountains by cable car, but the road to the center will take about half an hour.

Although Innsbruck is not considered the most expensive city in Tyrol, hotel room prices start here from 100 EUR for a double room, and this is in a hostel on the outskirts. However, housing in the range of 120-140 EUR per night can be found not far from Altstadt, but there are few offers. There are many 2 and 3 * hotels, the cost of living is from 108 EUR. A higher class is represented by “fours”, the issue price is from 145 EUR per night. Most of them include breakfast.


Public transport in Innsbruck works well – it runs regularly, there are a lot of routes and buses. There are also 2 tram lines. It is not difficult to get from one part of the city to another; special skybuses go to skiing places from 5:00 to 19:00. The rest of the city transport operates almost around the clock, there is a short break from 2:00 to 4:00. All cars are new, comfortable and quiet. But you have to pay for the pleasure, travel in Innsbruck costs a lot – 1.90-2.90 EUR. Tickets are sold from the driver or in special machines.

Innsbruck Card holders use public transport free of charge.

Many taxi companies have Russian-language versions of their websites; a trip can be booked online. A taxi in the capital of Tyrol is an expensive pleasure – the minimum trip price is 18 EUR, on average, a trip around the city costs from 23.30 EUR.

Lifts and cable cars can also be considered a kind of transport. They are used to get from the city to skiing areas, viewing platforms and other high-altitude attractions. Tickets – for 3 days from 140 EUR, depending on the specific funicular and the end point of the trip.

To feel the spirit of the Austrian town and the mentality of the locals, it is best to explore it by bike. Municipal rental offices are scattered throughout the city, they are at the station and the main attractions. Half an hour of rent costs 1 EUR, a day – 9 EUR. To take a bike, you need to register on the official website of the service (off. site in English), in a mobile application or through a terminal at a rental station.

Rent a Car

A tourist is unlikely to need a car in Innsbruck – even neighboring cities and countries, if desired, can be reached by train or bus. But for those who do not want to depend on the schedule, it makes sense to rent a car.

The entire Old Town is pedestrian, it is better to leave cars in parking lots near its borders. Free parking is available only in the suburbs. In the central part you will have to pay – 1.20 EUR for half an hour, 2.40 EUR per hour, 3.60 EUR for 3 hours. For a longer period, the car must be parked in a closed garage (up to 31 EUR per day) or in a large parking lot. If you are going for a walk around the historical center, you can leave your car for 8 hours at the Park & ​​Ride parking lot. The cost is 12 EUR, a bus ticket for 5 people will be given free of charge.

In Innsbruck, large fines for speeding – from 30 EUR. The minimum penalty for drunk driving is 3700 EUR and deprivation of a license for 1 month.

The popular Austrian resort has almost all international rental offices – Budget, Hertz, Avis and others. Rental conditions are standard for a European country. Prices for economy class cars start from 120 EUR per day.

Innsbruck, Austria Transportation