High Heels During Pregnancy: 4 Tips For Use Without Risks

For women cannot relinquish the heels during pregnancy is need attention

Pregnancy brings discomfort and swelling for women, but even so, some not give up using high heels even during this period. However, experts do not recommend the use of this type of shoe, especially after the fifth month of pregnancy. That’s because footwear can disrupt the balance, damaging his spine and facilitate possible falls.

If the woman is unable to abandon the use of heeled shoes in pregnancy she can choose to hop around, according to style consultant, Dany P. If you are one of the pregnant woman who did not want to let the jump, check out four other important recommendations:

Reduce gradually

In the early months of pregnancy is recommended the gradual reduction of the height of the jump;

Other types of jumps
Prefer thicker heels and squares, they provide greater stability for the pregnant;

Get sandals

As well as the jump, give preference to Sandals thick strips;

Platform sandals, also known as Anabelas, are more suitable, because in women’s balance;