Harman Us Help Using Our Device Android in The Car

Already a few months ago we saw how Saab had plans to introduce browsers on board with Android in some of their cars. An interesting initiative and very promising. However not everyone is willing to buy a new car for this purpose and was a matter that came out more economical and equally viable alternatives.

Harman It has announced that its car accessories include support for smartphones and Android tablets so, in addition to be able to use it as a browser can listen to music and use the car controls, such as for example the buttons to operate the radio, to control our device.

The idea of Harman is that we use our Android as if it were a multimedia accessory and not so much a device that controls the State of the car, something that would be much more complex and expensive. However, the possibility to connect it, load it and use some applications like Google Navigation, or listen to music with the audio system are very interesting.

At the moment the company has not given more data although he asserted that its accessories will be compatible with devices with Android Honeycomb 3.1 in the case of tablets and Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 in smartphones. Harman has not specified if previous versions will also be compatible.