Gran Canaria Travel Guide


In Gran Canaria you can spend a pampering holiday in the sun

Gran Canaria is one of the most popular resorts in the Canary Islands from head to toe, i.e. from the cool heights of the mountains to the sand dunes of the south. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday!


Gran Canaria is suitable for many tastes

The Canary Islands boast the best climate in the world – at least in the local own words. The Canary Islands are warm and sunny all year round, and the best travel season is the winter season, when Finns need to escape the frost.

Offering plenty of activities and relaxed sun worship, Gran Canaria is ideal for a wide range of holidaymakers. This classic of the Canary Islands has remained one of the most popular travel destinations for decades. Millions of tourists visit the resorts of the Canary Islands every year, and a very large proportion of them choose Gran Canaria as their destination.

The Spanish Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean west of northern Africa. Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the Canary Islands and its landscapes are truly diverse from sand dunes to rugged mountains. The lush landscapes of northern Gran Canaria have colorful citrus and banana trees, and the drier southern part has some of the best sandy beaches on the island.

Gran Canaria has been popular with Finnish tourists for a long time and it has become a habit for many to go to the island on holiday every year. The pleasant climate, relaxed atmosphere and good level of service and offerings make Gran Canaria a great destination for a wide range of holidays.

With the exception of Las Palmas , almost all of Gran Canaria’s resorts are located in the south. Las Palmas to the north offers a lush metropolitan atmosphere that is easy to combine with a beach holiday.

As a full-service resort, Gran Canaria is a great destination for families with children and those looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Gran Canaria is also a popular golf destination.

Stunning beaches attract tourists to Gran Canaria

Stunning beaches attract tourists to Gran Canaria.

There is enough heat all year round

Gran Canaria’s climate is warm and pleasant all year round, and holidaymakers don’t have to worry about rain, especially during the summer months. On average, Gran Canaria is warmest in July-October, when the average daily temperature is around 26-27 degrees. In winter, Gran Canaria is a little cooler and wetter, although there is no talk of an actual rainy season. The average daily temperature remains around 20 degrees even during the winter months.

The regional variation of Gran Canaria has a greater impact on the island’s climate than the seasons. Gran Canaria is divided into a green northern part, a mountainous central part and a dry southern part. Especially in the sand dunes of the southern part of Gran Canaria, you can enjoy mainly sunny beach conditions all year round.

Family vacation and shopping

Almost all of Gran Canaria’s resorts are located in the south of the island, where you will find the best sandy beaches. Puerto Rico is one of the most traditional resorts in Gran Canaria. Puerto Rico has a good sandy beach where even the youngest members of the family can swim safely. The atmosphere at the resort is leisurely and peaceful, but activities can be found in the form of good shopping and a golf course, for example.

The best family destinations in Gran Canaria are Bahia Feliz and Maspalomas . Here the sandy beaches are shallow and the beaches safe. In Bahia Feliz and Maspalomas, all services are close by and many tour operators have a program for both adults and children.

Activities and pampering

Many head to Gran Canaria for a wellness holiday, especially in the middle of a long winter. In a pleasantly mild and sunny climate, it is nice to practice a variety of sports, from water sports to gymnastics, jogging or even yoga – sometimes there are guided wellness holidays in the Canary Islands.

Of course, pampering and relaxation are needed to counterbalance the exercise. In Gran Canaria, a spa trip will be cheaper than in Finland, so you should enjoy massages, treatments and small beauty measures that invigorate everyday life, such as manicures.

City breaks and entertainment

Although the south coast of Gran Canaria attracts tourists with its sand dunes, the best city life can be found further north.

Las Palmas, the island’s capital in the north of Gran Canaria, is also worth a day or two of shopping in the resorts of the south, as no other corner of the island has as lively city life as Las Palmas. Las Palmas can very well also be taken as a main destination, as the city has an excellent sandy beach and many attractions.

Those who like lively city life should also head to Playa del Ingles . Ingles is the entertainment center of Gran Canaria and is especially enjoyed by young adults celebrating.

Playa del Ingles has a huge range of restaurants and no shopping. The southern part of the island is also home to Playa del Ingles, a fine sandy beach bordered by a beautiful promenade.

The affordable price level attracts tourists

The price level in Gran Canaria is quite affordable compared to Finland, so it is easy for a tourist to enjoy a holiday destination even on a small budget. The cheap price level is especially evident when booking accommodation, as hotels in Gran Canaria, among others, are considerably cheaper than in Finland. In addition to accommodation, food in restaurants and grocery stores, as well as other shopping, are very cheap in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is not a typical Spanish destination, because although the island is predominantly Spanish-speaking and both cultural and customs are Spanish, tourists who have traveled to the island for decades have left their mark on the island and its culture. In addition to Spain, English and German are also well spoken on the island, in addition to which a Finnish traveler may also be able to manage Finnish in some destinations.

Gran Canaria is a safe holiday destination, and a well-informed tourist will do well on holiday. Especially in the crowds, it is worth keeping a close eye on your own property in case of long-clawed people.