Google TV Adds Search by Voice, The PrimeTime and Synchronization with YouTube for Android Guide

While we wait for that some device Google TV Spain to reach the Android-based smart TV platform continues to evolve, and today Google has just announced a new version that will come with three new.

The first novelty, and most important, is that they add the Search by voice to Google TV so change the channel, find a program of television, film, or video on YouTube is as easy as order it with our voice. But not only that, also can open applications, go to websites, do a Google search and further instructions.

The second novelty is the new programming guide PrimeTime. It is an improvement of the guide that already existed, but the new version has a new interface that allows you to quickly find movies, series, live channels and our favorite channels while we continue to see a program.

The third and final new also has to do with the update for today YouTube Android and is that it can be matched with Google TV so when we are watching a video from the mobile let us play our TV screen with Google TV.

The update will begin arriving this week to devices Google LG TV followed by other manufacturers, such as Sony or Vizio. We hope that does not take long to reach Spain from these devices.