Google SEO Tools 2

Google SEO Tools Part II


What is the Google Keyword Planner used for?

According to sciencedict, the functional area of ​​the Google Ads Google Keyword Planner includes the evaluation and analysis of search terms. At the same time, the free Google SEO Tool offers the opportunity to find new keywords. In addition to keywords, the Google Keyword Planner also provides interesting information on their relevance and search volume.

The analysis with this tool covers the following areas:

  • Keyword history statistics
  • Generation and coupling of keyword lists
  • Consideration of important KPIs
  • Selection of competitive products and budgets for campaigns
  • Narrow your research on the Google Ads keyword options

However, it is important to note with the Google Keyword Planner:

The tool’s repertoire of tools is primarily used to research profitable keywords that will make a Google Ads advertising campaign a success. The analysis with this SEO tool is basically free of charge. However, there are costs associated with running Google Ads campaigns!

The tools Sistrix, Xovi and Ubersuggest also show interesting keywords for a domain.

What is the Google SEO Tool Mobile Friendly Check all about?

Since the Mobile Friendly Update, mobile-friendly websites have been preferred in organic search. This means that the ranking of a website depends, among other things, on its optimization for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The Google SEO Tool Mobile Friendly can be used to specifically check whether a website meets the requirements for mobile-friendly use. The tool compares the user-friendliness of the page with the standards that Google requires. All you need to do is enter the URL. Mobile Friendly also presents possible solutions, provided that factors are identified that limit mobile use.

However, the SEO tool only checks the entered URL and not the entire website!

Which analyzes are possible with Google PageSpeed ​​Insights?

The loading speed of a website is one of the Google ranking factors. Regardless of whether users are viewing a domain on the move or via the desktop – if the page loads too long, it will be penalized. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a tool from Google that is aimed at increasing the performance of a website. This analysis tool can be used to examine the loading times of a website. If the analysis shows that there is a need for action, a corresponding optimization can be carried out with Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

What is the Disavow Tool and which offsite optimizations are possible with it?

Search engine optimization is not only aimed at on-page measures. Unwanted or dubious backlinks can damage the link profile. In order to avoid ranking losses in the visibility index of the website, it is advisable to let Google exclude these links. With the disavow tool from Google that’s possible. Incoming backlinks from other websites can be checked using the link research tool and declared invalid. This off-page practice can help with inferior, artificial or spam links.

What possibilities do the Chrom DevTools offer for search engine optimization?

The Chromium DevTools is a contingent of tools with which a website can be examined very deeply. The free Google SEO Tool is part of the Google Chrome web browser. With the Chrom DevTools, webmasters are free to look at a wide range of functions on their website.

These include, for example:

  • Website loading times
  • involved resources on the page
  • Shifts in the layout

If you want to use this tool from Google, you should be patient and familiarize yourself with the individual tools. This is the only way to make a well-founded analysis with this complex tool.

Are Google Suggest and Google Cache also Google SEO Tools?

Google Cache and Google Suggest are not independent SEO tools, but additional functions of Google search. However, their importance for on-site search engine optimization should not be underestimated.

Google Suggest
This function is part of the standard search on Google. If the user enters letters in the search, finished search terms appear below the search field, which can be composed of several words. Google’s autocomplete function is responsible for this. These phrases usually make up interesting long-tail keywords.

Google Cache
This hidden additional function of the Google search shows a website in the pure text version. You can see the content that the crawler also reads when indexing the domain. The pure text form of the page does not contain any images, designs or animations. This prepared structure makes it clear whether certain areas are incorrectly or not completely recognized by Google.

Ranking analyzes do not only work with Google SEO Tools!

Other providers have also developed tools with which the ranking of a page can be examined. The most important analysis programs for visibility developments include Sistrix and Xovi. Seobility and Ubersuggest are also popular in this context.

Google SEO Tools 2