Google Photos Anniversary and Offer Unlimited Storage Devices Nexus

A year ago the application and exclusive service for the storage and management of photos of Google, Google photos, came into our lives. For that was then one of the first spin-off from Google + functions that is independent of the social network, with a powerful claim: “free unlimited storage”.

Of course, we could later read the small print to realize that storage is free but with a reduced quality. You can also keep the original quality, but in this case the storage is not unlimited, but it is deducted from your share of share of Google (which usually are 15 GB).

Like so many other Google applications, Google pictures has been updated recently after Google I/O, though in appearance only to correct some errors. However, an analysis of the APK by Android Police code throws tracks quite conclusive that the Nexus devices will have free storage to original quality.

A year in figures

This year, we have seen how Google photos It has grown in features and matured to become something more than a system backup of your photos. Update after update would be albums, which have been upgraded on several occasions, the “rediscover this day’, the GIF animated and, of course, magic automatic effects and visual search that never fail to impress us.

As expected, Google has posted an entry on his blog commemorating this anniversary, where he has also collected some figures obtained during its first year of operation “in solo”. They are as follows:

  • 200 million monthly users
  • 1600 million creations automatic as collages, animations and movies
  • 13.7 petabytes of storage released collectively between all its users
  • 2 trillion of labeled on the contents of the photographs, of which…
  • 24 billion selfies labeled

Google Play, Google pictures has more than 100 million installations, of which four million assessed the experience with a high average 4.2 star rating. It seems that the year has not bad gone you to Google photos.

That comes, good news for the Nexus

On the other hand, a almost forensic analysis of the APK file the latest version of Google photos, version 1.21.0, throws several tracks quite conclusive about what comes in the future. These tracks are located in text strings already present in the application, but not yet shown to the user because they have not been activated.

Sometimes these strings involve have him to have enough imagination to know what new features have been introduced, but that is not the case now. One of these chains reads a blunt”With Nexus, make a backup as much as you want”, while another closes the debate with”Unlimited space in original quality for photos and videos uploaded from your Nexus device””.

With a Nexus won’t have to choose between original size or unlimited space: the original is also unlimited

Thus, confirmed that Google activates this feature in the near future, writes a new benefit to get a Nexus device: the unlimited space on Google photos to original quality, even for videos.

Other news, this time for all

The same forensic analysis, other news that will come sometime photos Google Android can be extracted. The first of these is the management of the albums automatically to show first the pictures more recent, the oldest or order them manually.

On the other hand, the new text “folders of your device are now on albums” is a new informational banner which at some point will warn us of precisely that: the folders will be albums. Google actually die of desire to use the albums.

Finally, the photo editor integrated into the application will include two new settings of contrast and exposure He joined to the existing color, light, vignette and Pop.

These developments are virtually included in the latest version of Google photos, but not activated, so you will not see them until Google do not press the button. In any case, it is never more have the upgraded application to be more likely to receive updates as soon as possible.

Google photos

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: Google Inc.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography