Google Maps for iOS Is Tested before the Apple Approval

Google is in the process of the last test of a Maps app for iOS, before it is sent for approval by Apple, writes the newspaper.

Several people outside of Google has been testing access to the search giant remains undisturbed Maps app for iOS.

It tells a source “with direct knowledge of the matter” according to the our site.

Google is putting the finishing touches on the application before it is sent to the App Store approval by Apple, adds the source, but it is still uncertain exactly when this will happen.

Then the question is whether Apple will frustrate a direct competitor to the company’s own Apple Maps application, but The Wall Street Journal could not get a comment concerning the apps which have not yet been submitted for approval.

A Google spokesman said the following:

-“We think Google Maps is the most comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly map service in the world.Our goal is to make Google Maps available for all who wish to use the service, regardless of device, browser or operating system. ”

It is expected that the new iOS version of Google Maps will include turn-by-turn navigation. It was not a part of the app, which was previously installed on iPhones.