Google Admits Error and Promise December for Android 4.2

Devices with Android 4.2 missing December month in the calendar, but now admit Google the error and promise December comes.

Google has made a major error in the latest version of the operating system Android. Devices with Android 4.2 Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and the new Nexus tablets missing for December.

In practice, this means that the people in your contact list cannot have a birthday during the month of December. Will you set it that way if you discover that it does not exist.

Google has now admitted the error and come with the below comment. It writes our site.

-“We discovered a bug in Android 4.2 update that makes it impossible to find the December month in the calendar – when, for example, birthdays should be recorded at the contacts. The fault is not in the calendar application. Please be assured that it will soon be corrected, so the with birthdays or other anniversaries in December will not be forgotten. “