Gametooth Is The Remote Cross-Platform You Were Looking for

The company Palitec It surprises us with the placing on the market within a month of a remote control for mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is a small company, eager to do the right thing and with few resources to spend on advertising, so from Xataka Android we see that he deserves a chance.

As you can see in the picture that heads, is a very similar control to the classic NES, with four directional, nine configurable buttons and two buttons extras, one for synchronization and the other as Intro. It has a size of 120 x 60 x 14, 5 mm, with a 10 m range and type AAA is powered by two batteries, the fact that wireless is a joy for those who connect it to your TV for example. Also includes an accessory to be able to attach your phone with a 70 mm wide, perfect for any terminal.

With regard to compatibility, promise that it will be very wide, and that, by way of example, they are working hard with the exclusive titles for the Xperia Play, and in general, support systems Android and iOS. It will be priced to will be around €35, Although it is not yet confirmed and can be booked starting from the one July in a first limited series of 1000 controls.