Furnishing Slim: the Space Saving Shoe Cabinets

The slim shoe racks are the most popular space-saving solutions. Slender, thin and capacious, take up little space on the wall, they can be placed in any environment, because they hide in it and allow you to fix many pairs of shoes from eHangzhou.

Made from various types of wood, in order to be easily combined with existing furniture, they can be placed at the entrances, bathrooms and bedrooms, anywhere via either some space to be exploited with intelligence.

A strategic location to say the least is that which sees them placed behind the doors of each room. This position arises from the happy idea of using space that would otherwise be lost.

That’s how come more and more thin shoe racks, which almost disappear behind the doors, but well laid out internally, in order to accommodate a number of shoes. Truly an indispensable solutions in modern homes, where always you have to deal with the space available.

For more insights on many of shoe racks models in vogue in today’s market, you may want to review the articles in the archive “Guide and Tips”, which go under the title of “Shoe cabinets”.

We see, in the meantime, some of the most profitable slim models.

The proposed super convenient Slim Magik with his Set of Two Shoe cabinets White for 30 pairs of shoes.

It is two compact shoe racks, which are also behind the door, able to contain each 30 pairs of shoes, also quite large, up to 46.

The structures are made ​​of enamelled metal, a material so durable that allow to adapt also outside, in case of need. The measures: 170 cm in height, to 50 cm wide, 14 cm deep.

Made by Italian designers and equipped with a 15 years warranty. They are very useful and elegant accessories, suitable for any style and any environment.

Faster, convenient and cost the shoe rack for 36 Pairs of Shoes AMOS.

It is a space-saving solution, which can be applied to the wall, or on the door, going to create the minimum space thanks to its dimensions: 178 cm long, 51 cm wide, 17.5 cm deep.

A very large complement, suitable for placing as many as 36 pairs of shoes, practical and manageable, with its white painted metal frame and side finishing of durable plastic. There are branches, there are no drawers. The structure is completely open to facilitate the accommodation of the shoes operations, pattern recognition and withdrawal of the same.

A shoe rack perfectly suited to the bedrooms of teenagers who do not like complicated solutions and at the same time feel the need to settle in one place the many pairs of shoes in use. The price is really beneficial.

A very modern design characterizes the Shoe Slim, Model AB 23, the Intradisa.

It is a wenge wood solution, really fine and elegant, 123 cm high, 56 cm wide and 25 cm deep. A shoe rack with three folding doors, designed to contain as many as 16 pairs of shoes.

The doors are made ​​with melamine boards of 16 mm thickness and PVC rim of 1 mm thickness. The structure has no handles, but narrow slits facilitate the handle and opening the drawers.

A model extremely practical. Very suitable for entrances and rooms furnished in modern style.