Eye-Fi Direct Mode, Send Your Photos from Your Digital Camera Directly to Your Android Mobile

It is possible to directly move the photos we take with our digital camera at our Mobile Android. Eye-Fi now it takes a while made SD card with WiFi, allowing geo – tag and share photos from your camera to your computer or Flickr, for example. But now they have a twist to the concept with the application that just launched, Eye-Fi Direct Mode, that allows transfer photos from your digital camera to your Android phone.

The Eye-Fi card in our camera we allows to send without intermediaries, not even a router or access point, our camera the picture you want. SD card + WiFi creates a WiFi network and from the Direct Mode application you can choose photos we want to have on your mobile.

It is a utility that will allow us to enhance photos from your mobile phone or Android tablet with some editing, Adobe Photoshop Mobile program for example. Or even share to Twitter, Facebook or any social network that we want to. The photo is already transferred in our mobile by what we can view it without a problem with the display that you want or do whatever we want.

This application is compatible with all Eye-Fi cards X 2. Simply download the app from the Android Market and set up our card to directly send the photo to our Mobile Android. There is also official app for iPhone.