External Factors During Pregnancy May Influence The Appearance Of Twins

Paediatrician explains how the process works

Same clothes, the same toys, all split and work multiplied. If you are pregnant andwas taken by surprise to find that inside the belly has more than one baby, can prepare for the consequences and delights of having twins. The curiosity to know the face of the son, in this case, increases, and joins the question: “will they be the same?”. So, talk with your pediatrician and geneticist Roberto Muller, which explains when they can be identical and as external factors may influence the appearance of babies.

To better understand the process, you need to know first how does pregnancy with twins. It can be of two types: monozigótica and dizigótica. The first happens with just an egg that is fertilized by more than one sperm, making more of a fetus in utero, to evolve within the same placenta. The second account with just an egg for eachmale reproductive cell, forming different environments and individual evolution.

“In the case of monozygotic exists a single egg cell. This means that babies have the identical genome, as it must be the sex and their appearance. Already the dizygotic twins are not similar. Are brothers as any other, that only will be born on the same date. Will be generated at the same time, but independent. The genomes are not necessarily the same and they will not have to look exactly the same. Can be a boy and a girl, “explains the expert.

The interesting thing is that, according to the expert, even in the case of pregnancy in monozigótica, there is a possibility that the babies are different. “They should beabsolutely equal, but not always. This is because external factors may influence the fetuses. Even if the genome is equal, the twins can assume different physiognomies. For example, if the mother ends up having fever or infection of some kind, that causes a stroke, can be that happen to clog an artery. If it’s on the left side, affects only the baby closer to him, which may develop differently. Can be born a great and a small. Unfortunately, in more severe cases, it may be that one of them has a lowerarm or one of the members, “says Muller.

An ultrasound examination can determine the type of pregnancy, from the definition of how many placentas exist. But to be absolutely sure of the face of the babies, just after the birth. The way is to handle anxiety and prepare yourself, taking very health for the babies may be too healthy.