Attractions in Varna, Bulgaria

Entertainment and Attractions in Varna, Bulgaria


According to Zipcodesexplorer, the developed tourist infrastructure in Varna is perfectly combined with architectural monuments, museums and ancient sights. There are many old buildings of different architectural styles. There are also religious buildings, the main of which is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The time of its construction coincides with the era of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. For local residents, this is not only an important shrine, but also a symbol of the country’s independence. The architecture of the temple combines features of the Byzantine, Russian and Gothic styles. From the inside, the church is decorated with an episcopal throne, rich iconostases and other decorative elements.

One of the most popular places among tourists in Varna is the central pedestrian street – Prince Boris I Boulevard. People come here to admire the buildings in the Classicism and Neo-Renaissance styles, buy souvenirs and drink a cup of coffee or a mug of beer in street cafes. Those who want to get acquainted with the history and culture of the city should look into the Varna Archaeological Museum. Its expositions are located in an old building and cover the period from ancient times to the beginning of the 19th century. In the museum you can see weapons, jewelry, household items, church utensils and works of art from different eras.

One of the main collections of the Archaeological Museum is a collection of ancient gold items created several thousand years ago.

5 km from the city is the summer residence of the Bulgarian kings – Evksinograd. The obligatory program of visiting this elegant and colorful southern palace includes visiting numerous rooms with luxurious furniture and tasting wines that are made here, in the wine hut. There are also natural attractions in the vicinity – Lake Varna, the largest in Bulgaria, and Chudnite rocks – miraculous stone formations resembling the ruins of an ancient fortress.

Varna for children

The resort has a lot of entertainment for little travelers. The first step is to take the child to [Primorsky Park of Varna|Primorsky Park]. In addition to rides and trampolines, there are several places you should definitely visit – an aquarium, a zoo and a dolphinarium.

The Varna [Varna Aquarium] contains 140 species of marine life, as well as exotic animals, including the funny octopus Indy. Here you can see bright fish, shellfish, crabs and other animals. In separate rooms, guests are introduced to the characteristics and habits of marine inhabitants, as well as the history of the Black Sea and naval affairs. Not far from the aquarium is the [Dolphinarium in Varna|Dolphinarium “Festa”]. Local artists perform amazing acrobatic tricks, play with the audience and even make sounds that look like singing. To admire the beauties, it is not necessary to go to the performance – through the large panoramic window of the cafe you can see the demonstration aquarium.

At 300 m from the dolphinarium, you can watch land animals. The [Zoo Varna|Zoo] Varna is home to bears, monkeys, deer, lions, tigers and other animals from different countries.

4 things to do in Varna

  1. Experience the healing power of the mud of Lake Varna.
  2. Feel the national mentality in one of the traditional taverns.
  3. Visit at least one of the events that this city is rich in.
  4. Go around all the entertainment venues and find your own.

Night life

Evening Varna attracts young people from all over the world, with the sunset the embankment turns into a huge dance floor. There are many bars and discos that will appeal to even the most sophisticated party-goers. The Vintage 33 nightclub offers rock, jazz, hip-hop and other musical styles. Fans of passionate Latin American dances should take a look at the authentic Bachata place, and those who are looking for home comfort, in the small The One. One of the most fashionable institutions of the coast – Extravaganza – is located in the center of the beach, on the pier.

Prices in bars and clubs of the Varna coast are low. Here you can break away cheaper than in popular European resorts, but in Bulgaria itself there are also more budget places.


The resort has a mild maritime climate. The summer is long and warm, there is no suffocating heat, as well as strong winds – the sea is most often calm. The swimming season lasts from the end of May to October, but vacationers begin to arrive in April, and the city is finally empty only by November. When it is impossible to swim, tourists go sightseeing or are treated in sanatoriums. Spring starts early – at the end of March it is already quite warm and sunny.

Cooling comes in November, December is the rainiest month. In January and February, the real winter sets in, but even at this time the weather is quite mild. Frosts are very rare, and snowfalls do not happen at all.

Holidays and events

Bulgarians celebrate their national holidays cheerfully and on a grand scale, and in Varna, annual cultural events and festivals are added to them. You can catch folk festivals, concerts and performances throughout the tourist season. In mid-May, the guests of the city are waiting for the International Choir Festival, and at the end – a competition for young pop singers “Opening”. In late spring and early summer, the International Photography Exhibition takes place, where you can see the work of amateur and professional photographers.

One of the most famous and large-scale events is the theater festival “Varna Summer” (beginning of June). It covers several venues that host concerts, lectures, exhibitions and book presentations. It is followed by a musical festival under the same name, which lasts from mid-June to mid-August. These days, operas and ballets of the world repertoire performed by national and foreign groups are shown in the city. The program also includes chamber and symphony concerts.

Attractions in Varna, Bulgaria