Couple Of Dogs Celebrate Pregnancy With A Beautiful Photo Shoot

The Couple Rue And Ruger Are Part Of The Service Dog Program

Pregnancy is a major event in the life of any person. Is a special moment, filled with joy and love. The family is so excited waiting for new life, have parties, gifts, go visit the parents, who are pampered constantemento with endearments. And this is no different in the canine world. A couple of dogs won a photo session to celebrate the puppies that are waiting.

The couple is called Rue and Ruger and they are very special pets. The two are part of a program of service Dogs, that is, they are trained to help people with disabilities, as guides for dogs who have visual impairment. You can’t deny, are animals with great responsibility. Rue and Ruger were born in this program and is the first Brood them. Because they are pets as important and a unique event, they deserved a photo shoot so special with maternity pillows from

Ashlee, the owner and trainer of the Service Dog Program was the one who had the idea to document this moment. He hired a photographic business that guaranteed a nice session. A snow scenario was chosen, giving a romantic air to the moment. In addition, items present in the House were selected to create props and decorate the models. They were really beautiful for the photos. Rue and Ruger seem a happy couple waiting for their young. Check out the photos of this incredible moment.

These two are so cute together! It was a great idea to join this great couple to Ashlee do a photo shoot. Special moments like this will be forever remembered through the photographs. We expect puppies are born good and Ruger Rue and very healthy.