Coolpix S800, Nikon’s Commitment to Smart Cameras with Android

Following the footsteps of Polaroid, and we have already seen in some features that the mark was first effective in Android, Nikon is approaching the concept of Smart Camera with its Coolpix S800, chosen to debut with the Green Android operating system.

Not only in the field of software, as from Engadget photo, is a cut by this House in the sector more smart. Account of this given your specifications at the hardware level: GPS and integrated WiFi connectivity or screen OLED 3.5 inch that I assume touch. It will also have a target equivalent in the range of focal 25 – 250 mm.

In the section software, we see a Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with its corresponding compatibility with most of the applications available on Google Play. In my view, this movement attempts to converge the concepts of compact and smartphones, by large intrusion into the field of photography at user level, something similar to what is happening in the tablet-PC battle.

It is expected that this House is officially announced within a couple of weeks. What is still unknown is if this movement can be extendable to higher ranges of the photographic scene, or simply trying to keep that piece of the pie from photography to level user who are dying to be smart. What do you think?