Colorado State Travel Guide

North America

Colorado is located in the middle east of the United States. The Centennial State is surrounded by Wyoming (north), Nebraska (north and east), Oklahoma (south), New Mexico (south), and Utah (west). The state is divided into seven regions, namely Northwest, Front Range, Denver, Northeast, South Central, Southwest, and Southeast.

The sun shines here about 300 days a year, making Colorado a surprisingly dry area. In addition, most precipitation falls in the form of snow, especially in the winter in the mountains where around five meters fall annually. The state has a predominantly dry continental climate, with hot summers and harsh winters.

Best time to travel to Colorado

September and October are the best months to visit Colorado. It is then drier than in spring, less cold than in winter and less hot than in summer. Moreover, autumn in the Rocky Mountains is a spectacular experience.

Flora in fauna in Colorado

The flat eastern part is mostly treeless and downright boring for the Dutchman fleeing the polders. East of the Rocky Mountains, it soon becomes clear that this is one of the most beautiful states in America, with mighty mountain ranges and endless forests. The large differences in height ensure a lot of diversity in landscape and animal species.

Many different grass varieties, orchids and coniferous trees dominate the view in terms of flora. Special animals here are the moose, mountain lion and the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Fish fanatics can indulge themselves with more than a hundred different fish species, including gold trout, kokanee salmon and the bullhead. Protected species also live in the wild here, such as the Mexican owl, the gray wolf and the bald eagle.

Major Cities in Colorado

Capital Denver needs little introduction, as do the ski towns of Aspen, Telluride and Vail. In addition, however, the charming Colorado Springs and the college town of Boulder are definitely worth mentioning.

National Parks in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park is the best known of the two National Parks. Located in Northern Colorado, the park has more than a hundred mountains with peaks over 3,350 meters and at a glance it shows what John Denver sang about.

Mesa Verde National Park (PHOTO ABOVE) in Southwest is of a completely different order. This place is known for its rock dwellings, where the tribes of the Anasazi culture lived in the sixth century. This is also the only park in the USA that is entirely devoted to archaeological remains.

Wintersport in Colorado

Colorado has several ski resorts scattered throughout the Rocky Mountains. And they all make grateful use of the wonderful powder snow, on which the region seems to have a patent. Be warned, though: Colorado’s ski resorts cater mostly to those with a deep wallet and a certain flair.

Ghost Towns in Colorado

Those who want a taste of times gone by, where rules did not exist and it was every man for himself, go to one of the many ghost towns in Colorado. Goldfield, St. Elmo, Independence, and Deerfield are the most accessible and in some cases offer tourist amenities.


Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Ski Resort is located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA. It is just a 20-minute drive from the much more famous and visited Vail Resort. Perhaps because it is in its shadow, Beaver Creek has remained a quiet and relaxed resort, without the influx of skiers and queues at the lifts and cable cars. The slopes are half empty on weekends and you don’t have to hang out with anyone and enjoy great skiing. In total, there are 150 ski slopes of various lengths and levels of difficulty available to skiers. So everyone can really do their thing. At an altitude of 2,500 – 3,500 meters above sea level, you can ski on 650 hectares of quality ski terrain. In addition, the high altitude guarantees plenty of perfect loose powder. The ski season here begins in November and ends in the spring months.

The purpose-built village is provided by a purpose-built village in an interesting alpine style, which is really far from the atmosphere of the Wild West. It is forbidden to enter the village by motor vehicles, which guarantees clean and quality air. Unfortunately, as in the surrounding resorts, it is very expensive here, both restaurants, shops and accommodation facilities. In addition, many restaurants will not let you go, because they are intended only for members of the clubs.

Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site

Bent´s Old Fort is a historically significant locality located in Colorado. It is a place located on a turnoff leading from the famous Santa Fe Trail, where traders, hunters, travelers and members of Native American tribes met in the past. A fortress was built on this site in 1840, where peace conditions were negotiated as well as numerous shops. The fur trade was especially successful here, and even today there are numerous historical workshops and many other interesting monuments.

Bent´s Old Fort has become a popular tourist attraction, where people in period costumes can be seen and they can also learn about traditional crafts. Every day there are organized tours, where visitors get acquainted with the history of the place and also have the opportunity to watch a documentary about the place.

During the high season, various events are held here, which are mainly intended for children. They can go back in time to 1800 and experience what it was like to be a businessman, craftsman, laborer, hiker, Indian or soldier.