CCTV-How to Access DVR Remotely By Internet Explorer

Talking guys, welcome to my channel, I am the Everton, my goal is to teach you how to set up internet explorer to access your cameras, ok? This setting it’s worth not only for DVR, okay? She goes for any kind of image recording device, that is right, remote somewhere else on the same network right, and you are trying to access by internet explorer, right? I’ll make a good configuration complete, I don’t know if this video will stretch far, more will be well completinho, because he has older DVR that he needs more clearance for access, and is quite common.

CCTV-How to Access DVR Remotely By Internet Explorer

The most current but not the earliest need, okay? And I’m going to do everything step by step, so you can access the cameras in internet explorer, right? There are people who need, for any reason, access by the chrome, and you can also, and this setting I’ll do in another video, so if you want to learn to do in Chrome, click this video here, I’ll teach you to do in Chrome too. So let’s get started.

First thing, every computer with Windows, it has a protection, at least in the most current Windows, he has a user control, OK? And to access DVR, practically everyone, you need to deactivate this function. And so we start I’m going to disable it. And for you to find this option, you can find some ways. One of them is, you click here at the start, in the search here, you type UAC, there is this little guy here that we have to enter. If your do not have this option, you can enter here at run, type msconfig, comes here to tools, change UAC settings, also from the right. If it’s still hard for you, you can come in here in the Control Panel, system, Action Center, and here is user account control, OK?

CCTV-How to Access DVR Remotely By Internet Explorer 2

And to do too, for here you come on this flag here, which aperce a “xisinho syrup”, you click on it, open the Action Center, change settings of user account control. Then you enter this option, the default is that here, okay? that which is bold here, you play down there, never notify, an ok, it will pop up a message, as I had already done before won’t show up for me, you give an ok, confirm this message, and restarts the computer, it is critical that you restart the computer.

The next step is, in, set up the browser. Now there’s a nice tip here, I could click right here, in the explorer and start doing the configuration, but you always have to check, if the browser is 64-bit or not, OK? the cameras, some of them do not work in 64-bit browser, then how is it that you do? Enter here at the start, all programs, you think there the internet explorer, sometimes he’s down there, sometimes he’s up here, I don’t see where I have two versions, and which I left down here, is the 64-bit version, right?

To navigate it is better, but for the camera she’s not from the right, then to the camera you have to enter the 32-bit version, get in there on the 32-bit version, and to start making the setting, let me get the menu bar here, you need to click on tools, okay? And sometimes she’s like this, it doesn’t appear, for it appears, you click with the right button here, go in the menu bar. Or you just press the Alt of the keyboard your o, the options already appear o, Alt, and it pops up, okay? I’m leaving them appearing here, and then let’s start. Tools, internet options, security, custom level.

CCTV-How to Access DVR Remotely By Internet Explorer 3

You will find here, an option which is called Activex control and plug-in. In some versions is on the contrary, all plug-ins and controls, so should be there more down in the “P”, okay? In my case they are up here. For most DVRs, you need to enable, in fact, for some of them, you need to enable everyone, even the ones that are showing up not sure, no problem, then you can undo, quiet. More for some the prompt works, why I leave the prompt here, in any case, what are you going to do? Enables all, enable, enable, all have enable you click here, enable, enable, enable, okay?

The rest you need, when you change the icon here, you don’t have to. give ok, he will tell you that it’s going to be at risk, no problem, right? Here, this option, protected mode, usually she’s empowered, you go there and disables her too, and gives the ok here, no problem, it’s going to be at risk after us abandons, OK? To correct after you access just click this message here, he undoes it, and beauty, your computer was as it was before.

After you enable the ActiveX, you need to do? Add the address in compatibility mode with the update, Internet Explorer browsers, older DVRs, they don’t work, you need to put the address of your DVR, and make your browser go into compatibility mode for that address, okay? And then how do you do? Click here to tools, compatibility mode settings, click here, I already have some test addresses there, and what you going to do? You’re going to add here, only the address, if you put there, DDNS., oops, br, okay? If IP, as is my case, just boot the IP, you don’t have to put HTTP or door, okay? just the same domain, let me delete this here o Add and close here. If you want to let your browser to open everything in compatibility mode, just click here, more have versions that this option doesn’t exist anymore, so you need to put the address, okay? Then put the address closes here, and there is only access the DVR there, okay?

CCTV-How to Access DVR Remotely By Internet Explorer 1

How will we do? I’m going to click here, I’ve done a test before, my address is there, give a enter, and beauty, carried my page here. When is the first access, a message will appear, in some corner of the screen, sometimes a pop-up in the middle of the screen, asking you to install an add-on, okay? It is normal, you have to install this add-on, okay? After it install, this screen will appear again, you will put the user and password, and enter, ok?

This version here, she is well comunzinha, everyone knows, most people know, and just click here, choose here, I will choose the major version, and that’s it, uploaded the four cameras. Are four cameras, there in my company, okay? Here is a speed dome, for us to do a free right here, check it o, is a progressive dome, he ascends the LEDs according to the distance that you approach it, it’s pretty cool, is a dome that is in test.

And that’s it, that’s what I wanted to impart to you, how to configure the browser, there’s not much secret, has some macetinhos right, people generally don’t matter, they sometimes sell the DVR for you there, and then put it in the computer, are accessing, but if you format or buy another, you don’t know what to do, and that’s what you need to do. So if you liked, you give me a thumbs up right, if it was any questions, anything you want to add, comments, that I will answer. And that’s it until the next video.