UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

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Organizational matters: The nice contact and the quick processing left nothing to be desired. Organizing the visa was just as straightforward. For a week I got the documents like passport, photos, financial status receipt etc. and off we went to the consulate in Frankfurt. After a shockingly unfriendly “greeting” at the entrance, the rest was […]

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UCLA Social Sciences Computing

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Anyone who, like me, wants to gain a bit of international experience shortly before the end of their studies but cannot take the time for months of preparation or long application deadlines often finds it difficult to organize an attractive semester abroad. Since I had already decided to go to California, I just had to […]

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Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA

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This summer I did a Summer Session (Session C) at the University of California from August 7th to September 15th. The aim of this six-week stay abroad was on the one hand to improve my knowledge of English and to attend two courses at UCLA. Registration for this summer session took place in March of […]

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Humanities Division - UCLA

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The information from the university was very numerous, almost overwhelming and complicated. With many different platforms and offers (from housing to courses to student representation, etc.). But since you got all the documents (forms, processes, applications, etc.), it was easy again . I decided on “ Principles of Economics ” and “ Comparative Political Systems ” and […]

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Department of Philosophy - UCLA

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Since it has always been my wish to live in California for a while, I decided in spring 2012 to take part in the UCLA Summer Session Program. That decision was one of the best I’ve made so far. The program is ideal for high school graduates, students and graduates who not only want to […]

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Clinical Trials & Medical Study Opportunities - UCLA Health

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Accommodation It quickly became clear to me that I would book my accommodation through the university, as finding a private apartment was too much of a hassle for me. Thanks to previous experience reports , I decided to stay in the University Apartments Off Campus (the application for an apartment is very easy via the university website). This was absolutely the right decision!I […]

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The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

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I completed a summer session at UCLA in the summer of 2010 and took two psychology courses (Abnormal & Organizational Psychology), as this is my main subject in Germany as well. Both courses were great in terms of content, although it was a lot more learning than expected. There were two exams in each course, […]

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UCLA Integrative Biology and Physiology

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Since I know how helpful such testimonials can be, I would also like to pass on my experiences about UCLA. Of course, it started with filling out all the necessary forms. This was not a problem as I was always given excellent advice and was helped immediately with every question, no matter how banal. I […]

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Study History

Study History Abroad

Most people still remember when the Second World War took place. But how did the Nazis come to power? And why is a conflict still smoldering in the Middle East today? History students can answer such questions. During their studies they learn everything about events in the past that influence our lives to this day […]

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Study Singing

Study Singing Abroad

Whether Adele, Justin Timberlake or Anna Netrebko – the list of famous singers is long. Their songs can sweep us away or move us to tears. Many young talents dream of being in the limelight themselves and enchanting the masses with their voices. Very few, however, are discovered by chance or become famous through participating […]

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Study Geosciences

Study Geosciences Abroad

Dwindling raw material deposits, rapid global population growth and increasing numbers of natural disasters … There are many good reasons, not only for politics, but above all for science to deal with the state of our planet and to look for solutions to the pressing problems of our time . What are geosciences? The term […]

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Study Geography

Study Geography Abroad

How does climate change come about? Are natural disasters really happening more often than they used to be? Is it possible to switch completely to alternative energies soon? Anyone who believes that geography is limited to memorizing cities, countries and rivers is mistaken. The subject deals with our environment in all its facets . This […]

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Study Horticulture Abroad

Study Horticulture Abroad

Fighting hunger crises, promoting the energy transition or stopping global warming – hardly anyone thinks of horticultural scientists when tackling such important issues. Crops represent a large part of our diet: They are important renewable raw materials and indispensable for the climate of our planet. Horticultural scientists know how to grow different plants in an […]

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Study Abroad

Study Subjects Abroad

From A for Agricultural Sciences to Z for Dentistry – the range of courses is huge. There are more than 900 subjects in Germany alone. In many of these subjects it makes sense to spend part of the study time abroad. Students can deepen their specialist knowledge , get a new perspective on their subject, […]

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Study Agricultural Science

Study Agricultural Science Abroad

Agricultural sciences – many think of fields and pigsties. However, the Agricultural Science degree is a complex subject that opens up many exciting career opportunities for graduates . The subject of agricultural sciences In fact, studying this subject is primarily about the production of food and raw materials, as well as animal husbandry . But […]

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