Canadians Develop Holographic Smartphone

Holodecks are only available on Star Trek. This does not mean, however, that interaction via holograms is pure future music. At the Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, a flexible holographic smartphone has been developed, which is called HoloFlex.

Holographic Smartphone With Flexible OLED Display

A research team at the Canadian Queen’s University has developed the first holographic smartphone. The flexible HoloFlex smartphone is able to display 3D holograms. In addition to the university blog, this reports the magazine phoneArena and at the same time brakes the enthusiasm.Thus, the resolution is 160 x 104 pixels and is thus comparable with earlier 3D postcards. No eye-candy, but something we have not seen on any smartphone so far.

16,000 Kameralinsen: This Is The Holoflex Smartphone

A flexible OLED display with full HD resolution serves as a projection surface for holograms on the HoloFlex. 16,000 Kameral lenses, so-called fish eyes, provide the render images for the 3D objects to be displayed.

The flexible material allows the user to move objects along the Z axis and influence the depth.Gestures on the touch screen move render objects horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Snapdragon 810 And Adreno 430 GPU Deliver Holograms

In order to make the holograms visible, many computational steps are necessary. That is why the developers of the HoloFlex smartphone have placed on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.With the Adreno 430 graphics chip and 2 GB of memory, it allows you to display the 3D images. But that is not all. Not only pictures but also videos and games are presented as holograms.

Play With Holoflex Angry Birds In 3D

Holographic games provide innovative 3D fun with the HoloFlex. So a game like Angry Birds would get new elements. Players could shoot the set bird at the pigs by bending the smartphone. Bend and hologram would create a pop-out effect and make the bird fly out of the display. This effect is demonstrated in a video of the team.

We are looking forward to further development. 3D games on a flexible phone, would that be something for you?