Calculation Of Body Weight May Require Care During Pregnancy

It indicates the ideal way and helps to know how many pounds it takes, in fact, lose

At the time of the diet, women worry too much with the famous body mass index (BMI). It indicates the ideal way and helps to know how many pounds it takes, in fact,lose. More than for those who want to lose weight, this calculation is important also for who wants to be a mom. That’s because the IMC can determine special care during pregnancy.

“Being within the ideal weight decreases the risk of fetal malformation up to 50%,” says pediatrician Robert Muller geneticist. According to the expert, women who areoverweight have a higher propensity to present gestational diabetes and also developing hypertension, itself called pre-eclampsia, which can cause premature birth, and, in severe cases, death of the mother or baby.

The ideal is to plan the pregnancy to spend at gestational period with the body ready for the nine months of waiting and baby’s growth. “Planning with maternity trousers is important because,once pregnant, the woman can not make big schemes, since you need to feed the baby,” said Muller, who remembers the importance of IMC after the fetus also fertilized.

“Every pregnant woman will gain weight for the obvious reason that the baby grows. But control is essential. It’s not healthy to lose weight, because it can be a sign ofproblems with the mother or the baby’s development, and not gain excess pounds.The maximum gain weight must range from nine to 12 kg, the equivalent of about apound a month of pregnancy “.

To calculate BMI, the equation is simple: weight (in kilograms) divided by twice the height (in meters). If the result is a number under 20, is indicative of that is below the ideal weight. Of 20 to 24.9, is within the recommended weight. Of 25.0 to 29.9, the track is already an alert from overweight. Obesity is characterized by figures which vary from 30.0 to 39.9. Above 40 is morbidly obese. The IBGE’s website provides an online calculator for easy care.