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The official language in Barbados is English. As a result of the British colonial era and due to the English education system, British English (Oxford English) is common. This also includes the appropriate spelling of certain terms, such as center and favorite. Bajan Slang (also called Bajan English), a Creole dialect, is often spoken as a colloquial language. Bajan slang is English that is stressed and pronounced differently, e.g. th is often pronounced as t or d, as in dey (they), das a fact (that is a fact), dem (them); this can lead to misunderstandings such as with three (three) and tree (tree). The syllable er at the end of a word is often replaced by an a, as in afta instead of after. Some words are used differently in Bajan slang than in English, e.g. we is used for our (example: You get Banana in de supermarket back home, and dem is good. Come from we Island probably. But dey can’t taste the same like tree ripe tropical fruit.). Words and sentences are often abbreviated, such as da instead of that or Come’a! instead of Come here to me!. Individual terms come from different West African languages, but the African influence is significantly lower than in other Caribbean countries. Some Barbadians working in hotels, restaurants or other aspects of the tourism industry speak additional languages, most notably French and Spanish.

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 New Year

01/21/2022 Errol Barrow Day

04/15/2022 Good Friday

04/18/2022 easter monday

04/28/2022 Folk Heroes Day

05/01/2022 Labor Day

06/06/2022 Whit Monday

01.08.2022 Emancipation Day

01.08.2022 kadooment day

11/30/2022 Independence Day

12/25/2022 Christmas


Duty free shopping


The following items can be brought into Barbados duty-free in carry-on baggage (persons aged 18 and over): 1L of alcoholic beverages. Note: Electronic Customs Declaration must be submitted within 72 hours prior to departure. Travelers who are nationals of Barbados and travelers who are permanent residents of Barbados may bring personal items and gifts up to a value of BDS$500 per calendar year into Barbados.

Import regulations

An import permit is required for weapons (including alarm pistols, diving and boat signal pistols). More information is available from

Prohibited Imports

Weapons (including toy weapons) and drugs of all kinds, ammunition, meat and meat products, foreign rum, fresh fruit and vegetables, live animals, explosive devices and fireworks as well as everyday items (e.g. bags and clothing) made from camouflage material.

Contact addresses

Embassy of Barbados

(Also responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.)

166, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
+32 (2) 737 11 71/72. Honorary Consulate General of Barbados
Seitzstrasse 9-11
+49 (89) 21 57 86 30.

Mon-Fri 09.00-14.00.

Honorary Consulate General of Barbados

(with visa issue)

Brucknerstrasse 4
+43 (1) 505 74 55.

Mon-Fri 09.00-12.00.


Business etiquette

Tropical suits or a shirt and tie are appropriate. Business customs are very similar to those in Europe, eg exchanging business cards. Business hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1600.

Business contacts



According to, the country code of Barbados is 001246.

Mobile phone

GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G and 4G mobile network in Barbados is operated by Cable & Wireless Barbados and Digicel. The network coverage of the 3G network is nationwide. Roaming contracts exist. If you want to avoid high roaming charges, rent or buy a mobile phone locally and buy a prepaid SIM card.


In Barbados, the number of internet cafes has decreased significantly in recent years. Most hotels and numerous restaurants, bars and cafés offer their guests free WiFi.

Post office

Red mailboxes are everywhere. The Main Post Office in Bridgetown is open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, other post offices Mon 7.30am-12pm and 1pm-3pm, Tue-Fri 8am-12pm and 1pm-3.15pm.

Barbados Shopping