Autoscout24 Appupdate Ensures Intuitive Tablet Support

Last October we have already the official app from the online portal extensively tested AutoScout24 for iPhone and Android smartphones. Now, after now a universal app update to version 4.2.0, which should provide in particular improvements in the presentation of advertisements on Android tablets, we want to enlighten you about more new features in the following review.

Using the AutoScout24 app you will benefit from a helpful client for all of your activities on the online portal. So, it doesn’t even matter whether you like to search for a vehicle in the infinite portfolio or gladly want to set their own car for sale – the free universal app AutoScout24 makes this possible according to financedns. The manufacturer especially on the optimized presentation of content on tablets with different sized displays focused on the latest update.

The innovations of AutoScout24 Android app

In our test the updated AutoScout24 App version 4.2 with the Android tablet could nexus 9 we redesigned convince us of, which offers several advantages when compared to previous versions. For example, the search function can be significantly easier to use. Furthermore, the memory function has been improved. The General overview can look really doing, what will benefit above all new users of the app.

Tidy design ensures improved usability

Still it represents no problem using the AutoScout24 app, to edit the own Notepad. Especially these redesigned views convinced the AutoScout24 app in the test. So, the vehicles in two columns listed optimally with the most important data to the price, mileage, or the initial approval. At the first glance can provide is thus a great overview of the advertisements on the watchlist. Also the large representation of the search results on an Android tablet with a bigger display is particularly good. The photos of the listings are pleasantly large and presented high resolution makes it much easier to find with the tablet computer. Editing of advertisements and already published offers is also significantly lighter after app update.

Conclusion with regard to the update of the AutoScout24 app for Android

The updated version of the application of the auto Portal AutoScout24 can be really seen. Especially the new heavily revised design for Android tablets convinced us in the test app especially, where also the usability could be optimized. We therefore create users who regularly access to the online portal, download of the free app at the heart. The AutoScout24 app can be found free on the Google Play Store.