Ateen Release: Nati Vozza

Nati Vozza came to Belo Horizonte as special guest of ATeen, for the summer launch of the brand. The blogger paulista entertained guests and showed that has charisma, proving the reason for the huge success that the Glam4You reached.

Those who follow the looks posted by it on the blog know that blonde is one of the few who can bet on monochrome without looking like something silly. Really suits her. Before mark presence in the store of the Diamond, Nati participated in a delicious lunch with a few guests, so the photos made in the street.Ateen Release Nati Vozza 1

The catwalks already has shown for some time that looks of a color are strong trend. The fact is that we have to be realistic: face this fad in any tone is not so easy for many factors, among them, is the personal style and body type. It’s easier to put that trend into practice using the most classic colours possible, such as black and white. But this rule, Nati is the exception!

Before you say that this is not a production for the summer, we’ve already told you the shirt and pants are, therefore, the pieces have a gentle touch and are excellent to deal with warmer weather, not to mention the comfort! The trim of the trousers is amazing and leaves elongated legs, ideal for who loves abuse the jumps. Already, there’s a trick hyper charming, which fell in like the fashionistas: the knot. Worth copying. Look cool without frills.Ateen Release Nati Vozza 2

In accessories, another strong trend for the season: the back of the crucifix. This golden of Butler&Wilson is amazing, huh? The Navajo bracelets are still hit and still have harmonised with the rest.

In a relaxed chat, Nati told us that your life has never been so exciting. “Who accompanies me on the social networks you can view some of my daily life. The blog consumes 24 hours of my time, so I set up a home office. In this craziness is impossible to do without an Assistant. She meets the companies and brands that come to us, “said the young man, who said he was enjoying very this agitation. And in addition to blogger, the vein of entrepreneur still pulsing. She even revealed that will soon have news from your mark “By NV“. We were curious and waiting for the good news!Ateen Release Nati Vozza 3