As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV

Personal speaking, welcome to the Club, I’m CCTV Everton, and I made this video to show you how it’s crimpa, a network cable properly, the way that we use, for DVR, and it will serve for data processing, as for anything else you need a network cable, then follow where I’m going to start doing.

As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV

The first thing guys, are you always choose a cable of good quality, preferably to be an approved cable. Is for you to do the cable to use for the internet, for use in the DVR or computer connection. Is for you to use it as a balun, this type of converter balun that you, rather than you put the drizzle in born, you plug straight into the RJ45.

Second very important point, is that you understand that the sequence of colors, you should respect a rule before setting the string that you will use. Can’t we just get a random sequence, set it on one side, the same sequence of another and find that will work, this isn’t going to work, you have to follow a rule, there is a rule, there are two patterns of connection, network cable crimp, which is the 568A and 568B. Today I’m going to illustrate one of them, you can follow him, it won’t make any difference if you use one or the other.

As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV 1

So enough talking, I’ll start crimping the cable now, first of all, we’re going to get here the pliers, this pliers I’ll use here, is not a very good pliers, pliers, which has this cutting tool here, she is on this side, there’s a sort of concave, which accommodates the do-right cable here , and serves precisely to you cutting cable jacket, and as I don’t have, I’ll use here an adaptation, a gambiarrinha o, I’ll pass him around o, has to spend carefully to not break any internal wire, and here are the colors, okay?

Note, I’ve said this in other videos, when I speak of balun, the cable braid, she is different on purpose, if you notice, the Green it follows a step and the Orange, he follows another step shorter, right? And that’s why you have to follow this rule, this sequence. So, the pattern that I used to use, is the 568A, he begins by green, but if you use the B that reverses, the difference between the A and the B is green and blue, they reverse, won’t make any difference you choose one or the other.

As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV 2

So we will start combing the cables, I like cutting tie greater here, but just to make this video, this size is enough. So here’s the Cape is, okay, combed the cable, now we will follow this sequence here: light green, or white with green, dark green, Orange and white or clear orange, dark blue, light blue or white of the blue, Orange, light brown or white with Brown, Brown, okay? Then you put them all here, so it’s important you comb your cable, I usually take, after I joined them after I aligned them here, I usually stick them in here, not to get bud on time for you to put these wires within the connector. That’s in here, check if the colors are in the correct sequence, and then we will cut, okay? I already have a certain practice to set a size, but will be more or less here, okay? It is important that you don’t let too long because the connector, the connector’s claw must take that blue cover here, a little bit of it to stay tight, all right?

Cut, we come with the connector in this position, it’s not like that, that’s right, forward, and you will fit them here, embedded, the blue cover, she spent here the part that hangs here, the connector locking point, took the blue cover which was what I expected, and then you tighten here, and see , take a look if they came to the end here, if you have difficult to look around, look behind like that it gets easier o then you placed, tighten o, look, you will notice that there is nothing kinky, with bud, there is only actually crimping, you’ll put here, in this space that is suitable for this, here eight pins , then you come, the one last tight here, and squeeze, squeeze once, loose and ready. And is our ferrule connector, okay? Was very tight, you can pull it out that won’t leave, I don’t know if she’s giving to see the flip side, he shook right here, okay? Gives that conferred here, if they are all leaning right, okay?

As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV 3

And if you follow all the tips in this CCTV video at, you will have a connector ferrule for very well you use your DVR and to navigate in a computer, for use along with a balun, okay? And that’s it guys, there now is just on the other side, the same, you’re going to get, will do the same sequence as you did here, or popularly the standard 568A, you’re going to do it this way too, okay, I’m going to jump, you won’t see me doing, but I’m going to jump and I’m going to show you how they’re going to be both sides ready. So, here are the two already crimped connectors, I followed, as I said, the same sequence on both sides, and if you do exactly as I did, you will get a good cable ferrule and a good connection accordingly. Thanks guys and until the next video.