Arnold, Maryland

Arnold, Maryland Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Arnold, Maryland is a small town located in Anne Arundel County, just south of the state’s capital city of Annapolis. It is bordered by several towns and cities that offer their own unique attractions and experiences. To the north lies Severna Park, a suburban community with a vibrant downtown district, plenty of shopping opportunities and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. To the east lies Pasadena, which is home to the popular Jacobsville Beach on the Chesapeake Bay. This beach offers swimming, fishing and boating opportunities for visitors to enjoy during their stay. To the south lies Glen Burnie, which is home to an array of restaurants and shops as well as several parks and recreational areas such as Sawmill Creek Park and Marley Station Mall.

Further down south lies Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city which is home to historical attractions such as The United States Naval Academy, The Maryland State House and St. John’s College. Visitors can also explore the city’s waterfront area which features plenty of restaurants with stunning views of the bay or take a stroll down Main Street for some shopping or sightseeing opportunities.

To Arnold’s west lie Millersville and Severn which offer their own unique attractions including Millersville University, Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) as well as plenty of outdoor recreational activities like hiking trails at nearby Kinder Farm Park or fishing at nearby Patuxent River Park.

With its close proximity to all these neighboring towns and cities Arnold offers visitors plenty of options for entertainment whether it be exploring historical sites or enjoying outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing on one of many local rivers or lakes in this area. No matter what kind of adventure you seek Arnold has something for everyone!

Arnold, Maryland

Population of Arnold, Maryland

Arnold, Maryland is a small town located in Anne Arundel County, with a population of just over 23,000 people as of the 2018 United States Census. The racial makeup of Arnold is as follows: 83.8% White, 7.5% African American, 2.6% Asian and 5.9% Hispanic or Latino of any race.

The median age in Arnold is approximately 47 years old with the majority of the population being between the ages of 25 and 44 (27.7%). The majority of households consist of married couples living together (35%) followed by non-family households (25%).

The median household income in Arnold is $100,844 with 17% of families and 21% individuals living below the poverty line. The unemployment rate as of 2019 was 4%.

Arnold also has an abundance of highly educated citizens with almost 75% having at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher and about 20% having some college education or an Associate’s degree. In addition to this there are also many professionals working in various fields such as healthcare, finance and technology throughout the town which further adds to its educated populace.

Overall, Arnold is a diverse community that offers plenty for its residents such as excellent schools, plenty of outdoor recreational activities like kayaking or fishing on one of many local rivers or lakes in this area, and plenty more attractions that draw visitors all year round!

Schools and Education in Arnold, Maryland

Arnold, Maryland is served by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS), the fifth largest school system in Maryland. There are six public schools located in Arnold, including the Arnold Elementary School, Broadneck High School, Severna Park High School, and more. Additionally, there is one private school in town called St. John’s Catholic School. Check searchforpublicschools for Maryland public schools by county.

In terms of quality of education, Arnold has a lot to offer its students. According to U.S News & World Report’s 2019 rankings of Best High Schools in Maryland, two of the public schools located in Arnold—Broadneck High School and Severna Park High School—were both ranked among the top 10 high schools in the state.

Not only do students have access to quality education but they also have access to many extracurricular activities and clubs that allow them to explore their interests outside of classwork such as sports teams, music groups and more. Students also have access to a variety of specialized programs such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs that can help prepare them for college-level studies and beyond.

Overall, Arnold offers an excellent education system for its residents with plenty of options for students of all ages to explore their interests and excel academically. With its close proximity to numerous nearby towns and cities it also provides students with plenty of opportunities for educational enrichment outside of school grounds as well!

Places of Interest in Arnold, Maryland

Arnold, Maryland is a small town located in Anne Arundel County and is known for its abundant outdoor activities, historical attractions, and local dining.

One of the most popular places to visit in Arnold is the Arnold Arboretum. This arboretum is filled with lush greenery and offers visitors a chance to explore nature at its finest. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the park’s trails, stop by the pond to watch ducks swim, or take a break under one of the many shady trees. The arboretum also hosts numerous events throughout the year such as outdoor movie screenings and concerts.

Another place of interest in Arnold is Quiet Waters Park. This park features over 600 acres of land with plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy such as biking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more. Additionally, Quiet Waters Park also has a variety of wildlife including deer, birds, and turtles that can be seen throughout the park making it ideal for nature lovers or those just looking to get away from it all!

In addition to these outdoor attractions there are also numerous historical sites located in Arnold that are worth exploring such as The Historic London Town & Gardens which offers tours through an 18th century port town or Fort Smallwood Park which was once an army base with cannons still intact today!

Finally, no trip to Arnold would be complete without sampling some of its local dining establishments such as The Brass Tap which serves up craft beer and pub fare or K&P Crab House offering up fresh seafood dishes!

Overall, Arnold offers plenty of places for visitors to explore making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for some outdoor fun or interested in learning more about this small town’s history!