Apps Vs. Web Apps

Mobile Internet is the future
I currently have two smartphones that I use every day. The iPhone 3GS and the Samsung i7500 . Both smartphones have a very good app store, which I also diligently use, but I am again and again that I always use only one app-the Webkit browser. Webkit is a free HTML rendering library that allows you to build a browser. Webkit has the roots at the company Apple, but is now used by Symbian OS, Android, the Web OS and, of course, the iPhone OS.The Webkit-based browser is one of the best mobile browsers I’ve ever used-but only with a capacitive touch screen and a decent, big display, they play their absolute strengths.
Personally, I like the implementation of the webkit browser in the iPhone rather than the implementation of the webkit on the Android smartphone, the workflow with the iPhone is somehow fluid and nicely animated-also I am faster on the way. And although the iPhone has the worse technical data, no HSUPA, which provides for a shortened ping time. But with both browsers, Web apps are really fun. Google is a praiseworthy pioneer in Web Apps with its services like Googlemail, Google Calendar or Google Picasa. And even though they have native apps for the services on the Android smartphone.

Google itself has over the past 12 months the web apps so that I am more and more often catch the browser and browse through the browser my emails or calendar entries, feels it is faster and I often surf with the smartphones I just need a bookmark, this is faster than to switch to the Homescreen and then call the app. Also in the future, new technologies like HTML5 and Gears will make Google Apps and other Internet service providers show better usability and functionality. Also the development work with HTML is easier and faster than with the different SDKs of the individual smartphone operating systems, because you only have to develop once and you can bypass the (sometimes) annoying approval process in the (Apple) App Store.

By the way, the test report for the Samsung i7500 is also available soon by me at this point.