All about The New LG G6, with Video of First Impressions Included

It’s been a year since the MWC in 2016 and we return to gather us here to learn about the latest venture of LG to conquer the high range. The Koreans need a great success, as the harvested that LG G2 whose brilliance we still retain in the retina, and his secret for this generation seems to be leave behind the idea of building a modular smartphone to return to the compact bodies, with unibody design, and returning to bet on an own hallmark.

With the LG G6 we have known today, the South Korean manufacturer has put on the table a last generation processor inside a slim metal body with a new screen format and betting on ergonomics, because even though we grow in height we maintain a good figure for the grip. But the time to leave behind the vagueness and go into detail. What this G6 LG has to offer us and should we choose him versus the competition.

Compact body, metal body

The first thing that draws the attention of this LG G6 is not only its size, which is more elongated than usual, but also the design of its body. Manufacturer of South Korea has chosen by inlaid screen in a metal structure both in rear. While part of your competition already begins to present ceramic options, or solutions metal coated glass, LG G6 take metal to our fingertips.

LG not bet on curved screens to avoid fatigue and promote the management

We will have a flat-screen phone for ease of use and prevent muscle fatigue of the curved screens, and it will also have curved corners, which is part of the mechanism screen anti-roturas. According to its internal tests, the curved corners improve the resilience of the screen, dissipating the force of the impacts and, therefore, becoming more resistant to downturns.

A metal body that will come in three different colors: Platinum Ice, Mystic White and Astro Black. Which translates as black, white and metallic grey. A body that will take measures 148,9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm and that will have very good weight for its size, only 163 grams. Indeed, in the back there will be a reader of footprints under the dual camera. Yes, there will be dual camera, but we’ll talk about it later. For now, let’s start with the brain of the G6.

The debate on the processor is open

LG has supported the need to soon launch its new LG G6 for opt for the Snapdragon 821, at the expense of a new model as it is the 835 that can reach almost in exclusive inside its maximum competitor: Samsung Galaxy S8. The difference between the two is not notable even if it exists, and subtract to see if at LG have managed to extract every last drop of power of the chip that moved to the main terminals of the end of 2016.

To do this, you will have support 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4 with UFS 2.0 internal memory which reach 32 GB. Do not panic if we consider that he is little space because we will have a microSD with possibility to use cards of up to 2 TB of capacity. Certainly a great help since we will have with 7.0 Android Nougat inside and, now, the promise of an early update Android 7.1.

Is it so important to have the best processor to compete at the highest level? With the LG G6 we’ll see

As we see, the core of this LG G6 does not reach the maximum level, but in previous generations has been shown that that is not strictly necessary to get the best user experience. That will be for the day to day, and we have to put it to test thoroughly. For now, We like the brain of this G6, but we love your new screen format.

Two high and one of width

From LG have been called QHD + because it provides the resolution of the QHD but with more extra height, thus reaching 2,880 pixels high by 1,440 pixels wide. A resolution that leads to a density of 564ppp and that offers us a ratio of 2: 1, or 18:9 to equate it more to the film formats. This, recall, in a diagonal of 5.7 inches which has opted not to include the dual-screen LG V20 or LG X Screen.

A more elongated screen, higher resolution, for film lovers

The own LG speaks of is a format aimed at those who consume multimedia contents, in particular to see movies and series on mobile, although platforms like Youtube, Google Play Movies or Apple Music video comes in the same group. The new display “Full view” is also accompanied by support for HDR 10, with deep black and more vibrant glitters. A challenge because we speak of an IPS screen.

Although the screen will not be alone in offering us the best multimedia experience, we will also have a 32-bit Quad DAC Hi-Fi, better on paper than of LG V20, to give us the best of his audio equipment. LG becomes strong in terms of multimedia with more surface, better resolution, support for HDR10 and sound of height. Will also be prepared to better see the pictures but, and to create them?

Let’s talk about photographic equipment

LG takes several years at the top in terms of photography on mobile phones, and his coronation was possibly with the LG G4 from a couple of years ago. LG G5 also had a powerful team to capture images although it unnoticed more war between Apple, Samsung and Huawei double Chambers. LG G6 has the difficult task of returning to take its manufacturer to the top in the photographic field, and it will not have a bad team to achieve this.

The G6 will feature two 13 megapixel cameras, and promises to do something with the zoom…

The main Chamber is unfolded, and have a pair of 13 megapixel camera on the back with two openings and two angles different vision. For normal photographs can opt for an opening f/1.8 and 71 degrees field of view. For the larger pictures will have an opening f/2.4 with a field of 125ª. Will not escape us nothing with this set of lenses that also boasts a 2.0 optical stabilizer, both for low light photography to video.

And as for the front camera, intended for capture selfies and videos for social networks and applications of ephemeral publications, LG G6 puts at our disposal a sensor of 5 megapixel camera with a lens f/2.2 and again a wide-angle. In this case, 100 ° for both by hand and with a stick for selfies we can convict us ourselves, groups or insert ourselves into landscapes.

But not only hardware live cameras but also in applications, and there is where LG has put the rest of the effort on this LG G6. We will have a Guide Shot mode to place multiple images in the same composition, as a collage with a photograph of base. We will also have the classic collage with the Grid Shot, or the Match Shot mode, which is also valid for video mode. By the way, LG also promises a sort of “optical zoom to the Apple”. We will have to put it to the test.

Battery grows indoors

Because the unibody design makes us have to forget to replace it. LG G6 is the terminal which LG retrieves the philosophy pursued by, briefly, with the LG Optimus G and LG G2, although it then extended it to 4-Nexus and Nexus 5. Recover the integral design and battery becomes trapped inside. Although LG makes this grow 18% with respect to the G5. We now have 3300 mAh. That Yes, the screen and the resolution are higher.

Thanks to Qualcomm processor will Quick Charge 3.0 and in addition LG has placed wireless charging. We do not know if for all models or only for the American, but also say that you can charge when wet. Because Yes, the new LG G6 has IP68 protection which makes it in a submersible phone up to 1.5 metres and 30 minutes. Although it is something that is not often recommended, of course.

But just as in the camera, the battery is not just hardware or energy storage cells. LG has incorporated a new algorithm to optimize the battery charge, so it should be a load more uniform and efficient in what offer us Quick Charge 3.0 on other mobile phones on the market. They also affect the stability of this internal stack separators, coarser, betting on security, and a system of heat dissipation.

The specifications of the LG G6

And as a climax to this presentation, let alone listing specifications in a table to view at a glance. Let’s piece by piece each choice of components of LG for this LG G6 which should be your maximum bid to conquer a market increasingly difficult, and that will not put things nothing easy by competition. This, in short, is the LG G6.

Front camera5 megapixel camera f/2.2

Screen 5.7 inch QHD + IPS
564 pixels per inch
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
Nuclei Kryo 4-core (2 x 2. 4 GHz + 2 x 2 GHz)
GPU Adreno 530-650 Mhz
Memory 32 GB UFS 2.0 + microSD (up to 2 TB GB)
I 7.0 Android Nougat
Connectivity LTE-A, WiFi 802.11 b/g / 4.2 Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, USB type 2.0 C
Battery 3,300 non-removable mAh fast charge with Quick Charge 3.0
Rear camera 13 megapixel f/1.8 + 13 f/2.4 megapixel with LED flash and SBI 2.0
Other Fingerprint, Quad Dac 32 bits, IP68, HDR10
Dimensions and weight 148,9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm
163 grams

And this is the maximum bet of LG for this first part of the year 2017. The Koreans will have in front to Samsung with its Galaxy S8, Huawei with the P10 and fighters such as Sony, HTC and the own Apple. Stones on land that nobody said it was easy, and that leads to obtain the best smartphone of the year. A sought-after prize and you can only get one. Will LG make it? LG G6 is certainly its most complete terminal in recent years. The battle is served.