AKG K414P Phone: Find out If It’s Worth Buying

Great audio quality, comfort and low price are some of the features of this AKG headset

The AKG K414P can be an excellent purchase option for anyone who wants a handset with quality audio and does not want to invest a lot of money.Its products of undoubted quality are usually expensive but the K414P headset has a low price for what is proposed, about $ 100.

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It is known among users for its great cost x benefit.But does it fulfill what it promises?In this matter we will analyze some points of this headset and see if it really pays to get it.

Comfort and design

In terms of comfort the K414P is only praise.Although it has a semi-open design, it is much more comfortable than competing products, such as Koss Porta Pro. Its rod is articulable, that is, it adapts well to different sizes and shapes of head.As a caveat, we can mention that he has two little rock on the support that end up bothering some people.But it does not happen at all.

The Fone also has 3D-Axis technology, capable of turning it into a small package to be easily transported in the bag or backpack.In other words, it is fully collapsible and flexible.In addition, it comes with a pouch of its own, which allows you to carry it even more easily and safely.


The finish of this product is very tasteful and it appears to be much more durable than other headphones of the same price range, as the aforementioned Koss Porta Pro.

The acoustic shells, which come in direct contact with the user’s ear, have a very comfortable and well made leather coating.In general, its entire structure passes this feeling of robustness and quality.

Audio quality

The audio quality offered by the K414P is accurate to some extent.After a certain volume, the sound ends up distorting a bit, which prevents you from listening to music at very high volumes.

The same does not happen with more professional headsets, like the Denon AH-D210.This may have to do with the impedance of the AKG handset, which is 32 ohms.In any case, it is not recommended to use headphones at maximum volume.

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When compared to headphones of the same price range, he seems to do very well in the serious, outpacing his competitors.


The AKG K414P uses two types of connectors.A 1/8 or the traditional stereo P2 connector.The cable length is 1.5 meters;Which may be short for some people.


The compatibility of the AKG K414P is quite extensive.It can be used both in professional stereos, in studios and shows, and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.The same can be said of use in computers and notebooks.As seen in the previous topic, it has two types of connectors.

Type of use

The purposes for the AKG K414P are extensive.It can be used for stage monitoring, as a feedback handset in live performances and even for mixing and mastering songs, although some users do not indicate this model for this type of service.And, because of its portability, comfort and audio quality, it can be used to listen to music normally.

Average price

The price of the K414P in Brazilian retail stores is around R $ 100. This value is excellent for the quality that the phone offers and for what it is intended, being one of the earphones with the best cost x benefit of the market.So, if you’re a beginner audio professional, the AKG K414P can be a great addition to your daily or studio use.


The AKG K414P headset has an excellent cost-benefit ratio.Its price of only $ 100 (on average) is quite cheap for everything it offers, especially comfort and audio quality.It is worth remembering that, of course, it does not compare to more expensive devices, like the Sennheiser HD 650, but it fulfills its role very well.

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