Absecon, New Jersey

Absecon, New Jersey

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Absecon, New Jersey is a small city located in Atlantic County, just minutes away from Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore. The city is bordered by three other towns: Galloway Township to the north, Egg Harbor Township to the south, and Linwood to the east. Absecon is approximately 15 miles from Atlantic City and 30 miles from Philadelphia.

Galloway Township lies to the north of Absecon and is home to Stockton University, a public university founded in 1969. This township also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking trails, fishing spots, kayaking and more. Additionally, there are several restaurants and shopping centers located throughout Galloway.

Egg Harbor Township lies to the south of Absecon and features many historical sites including several Revolutionary War-era buildings as well as an old-fashioned general store. This township also has plenty of outdoor attractions such as Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge which provides visitors with opportunities for bird watching or fishing on its lake. Additionally, Egg Harbor Township has several golf courses for those looking for a round of golf while visiting this area.

Linwood borders Absecon on the east side and offers an array of attractions such as its historic downtown district which contains numerous art galleries and antique stores along with other shops that visitors can explore. There are also several parks located throughout Linwood including Veteran’s Park which features a playground as well as basketball courts and walking trails.

Overall, these bordering cities provide visitors with plenty of options when it comes to exploring nature or enjoying some cultural attractions while visiting Absecon in New Jersey!

Absecon, New Jersey

Population of Absecon, New Jersey

Absecon, New Jersey is a small city located in Atlantic County, just minutes away from Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore. As of the 2010 United States Census, Absecon had a population of 8,411 people. The racial makeup of the city was 88% White, 5.2% African American, 0.3% Native American, 2.9% Asian and 3.2% from two or more races. The median age in Absecon was 40 years old with 20.5% of the population being under 18 years old and 14.4% over 65 years old.

The majority of Absecon’s population (71%) is employed in white-collar occupations such as management or professional positions while only 28% are employed in blue-collar occupations such as production or maintenance jobs. Additionally, the median household income for Absecon is $62,836 which is higher than both the state and national averages for household income by an average of $10k per year.

The most common language spoken in Absecon is English with 82% speaking it as their primary language while 4% speak Spanish as their primary language and 2% speak other languages such as Italian or German respectively. Additionally, over 87% of households identify themselves as Christian with 24% being Catholic and 19 % being Protestant denominations within Christianity while 12 % are unaffiliated with any religion at all.

Overall, Absecon’s population is diverse yet tightly knit community that offers residents a variety of job opportunities along with plenty of cultural attractions to explore!

Schools and Education in Absecon, New Jersey

Absecon, New Jersey is served by the Absecon Public School District. The district consists of five schools including three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The district is highly ranked with a 9/10 rating from GreatSchools.org and serves over 2,400 students with a student to teacher ratio of 11 to 1. Check topschoolsintheusa for top high schools in New Jersey.

The district’s elementary schools include Absecon Elementary School, which serves grades K-4; Dr. Joyanne D. Miller Elementary School which serves grades K-4; and Wisteria Park Elementary School which serves grades K-5. All three of these schools offer a variety of enrichment activities including music classes, art classes and physical education programs that are designed to help students excel academically as well as socially.

The district’s middle school is Absecon Middle School which serves grades 6-8 and offers several advanced placement courses for students looking for an extra challenge in their studies. Additionally, the school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as band, orchestra and sports teams that give students an opportunity to explore their interests outside the classroom setting.

Finally, the district’s high school is Absecon High School which serves grades 9-12 and offers several advanced placement courses in addition to traditional coursework such as math, science and English classes. The school also has a wide range of extracurricular activities available for its students including sports teams such as basketball and soccer as well as clubs such as National Honor Society or Student Council that give students an opportunity to become involved in their community while still obtaining quality education at the same time!

Places of Interest in Absecon, New Jersey

Absecon, New Jersey is home to a variety of attractions that offer something for everyone. For those looking to explore the outdoors, there are several parks in the area such as Absecon Wildlife Management Area and Ocean Pines Nature Preserve. The former offers over 600 acres of woodland and wetlands to explore while the latter features a variety of birds, mammals and amphibians that can be seen throughout its 200-acre property.

For those looking for an educational experience, Absecon is home to the Atlantic City Historical Museum which provides visitors with a glimpse into the city’s past with its collection of artifacts from Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk. Additionally, there are several art galleries in town such as Art-X Gallery and Absecon Art Gallery which provide visitors with an opportunity to view some of the city’s best contemporary art.

For those looking for something more upbeat, Absecon is also home to several popular restaurants such as The Iron Room and The Iron Horse Pub & Grill which offer up delicious local cuisine in an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, there are also numerous bars located throughout town such as Bally’s Casino Bar & Grill and The Haven that offer up live music on weekends along with plenty of drinks!

Finally, Absecon is home to two popular casinos – Harrah’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino and Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino – both of which offer visitors plenty of gaming options as well as numerous entertainment options such as live shows or concerts! All in all, Absecon offers a variety of attractions that provide something for everyone no matter their interests or preferences.