7 Uses Amazing for Coconut Oil

In addition to helping in weight loss, the coconut oil is a powerful cosmetic; learn how to use it in their day-to-day

The coconut oil is the darling of many diets out there. How it can be used to replace the soybean oil or butter in cooking, for example, it is easy to add the product to the daily menu. In addition, it can also be used in beauty treatments, such as moisturizer for hair and skin – and the effects are also amazing. But coconut oil has many other applications, some amazing, as the list below.

7 Uses Amazing for Coconut Oil 1

1. Coconut oil to disguise the age

If used on the dreaded little spots that appear due to age, the coconut oil can help to disguise them. Spread a little oil over the area to be treated, massaging gently. Ready, just wait for the skin to absorb the product. If you prefer, do the procedure in the evening, every day, before going to sleep. The results take between one and two weeks to appear, but are quite expressive.

2. Coconut oil to prevent stretch marks

The stretch marks appear when the skin is overly “stretched”. To prevent them, keep the skin properly hydrated is key – and it is here that between the coconut oil. When used daily, as a moisturizer common, he is able to prevent the appearance of little marks and you can still soften the ones you already have.

7 Uses Amazing for Coconut Oil 2

3. Coconut oil to fight split ends

Just like a industrial product, the coconut oil can be used to control the volume of the hair and eliminate the split ends. Apply a little in the palm of your hand and massage the tips of the wires with softness. Then wash your hair normally, to remove the oiliness.

4. Coconut oil to accelerate the growth of the wires

The same procedure used in the tips can be carried out along the wires, to ensure that the hair grow faster. In the same way, you should wash your hair normally, with shampoo and conditioner, at the end of the process.

7 Uses Amazing for Coconut Oil 3

5. Coconut oil to speed up the growth of nails

The power of hydration from the coconut oil is so great that it also stimulates the growth of nails. Massage the region near to the cuticles with the oil and let the product be absorbed. You will notice the difference.

6. Coconut oil to soften the signs of skin

Not only the spots of the skin can be combated with coconut oil. It is also effective for smoothing acne scars, for example. Just apply it as a moisturizer common, on a daily basis.

7. Coconut oil to ward off insects

When mixed with herbs such as mint or rosemary, coconut oil becomes a powerful natural repellent. Moreover, it does not contain the chemical substances used in manufactured products, this repellent can be done at home, which makes it cheaper.

The coconut oil has antioxidant properties and can help improve various body functions, such as immune system, intestinal function, and even the functioning of the thyroid. However, it is very important that you consult a nutritionist before you include any product to the power supply.