5 Ways to Use Flat Shoes Without Losing the Elegance

The high heel is synonymous with feminine elegance, with he doesn’t have anyone.

On top of them, the woman feels more confident, taller and more elegant for any situation. However, even in the finest fashion trends, it is possible to identify some changes regarding the use of them.

After all, your excess can lead to greater risks for the health of your feet and spine. In some cases, pain and even need for treatment are needed.

So nothing better than knowing combine style and know enjoy also the absence of high heels. After all, that confidence may be in different elements and you need to know to use the sets to your favor to always be safe, without being held hostage by any piece (see some options here).

The women’s shoes are great for this and with them it is possible to maintain a style unique and make a good impression. Wrong who think that they are more serious or more mature women only. The sets can be increasingly democratic and it all depends on you:


The process of walking with a high heels modifies stepped completely. That is, typically, she begins by heel and stabilizes around the foot. However, with the heels need to force the front toes, causing a larger wear area to achieve balance. Continuous use even cause some symptoms, such as bunions, pain in the region of the plant of the foot, bunions, claw-shaped toes to fit the shoes, ingrown toenails and even Tendonitis and bursitis.


The basic care to avoid shoe choices are suitable and correct for the size of each foot. In addition, in the case of the hop be extremely necessary, opting always for minor heel sizes and they can give more firmness at the feet, always fleeing the needle jumps that can cause imbalances and even twists.

In addition, the material used is also important. Bet on quality and a good lining also ensures that they are housed in a more comfortable, avoiding discomfort or unnecessary stress.


Some heels can make a difference. Combining increasingly with the fashion and style, it’s important to bet on trends that highlight the heels more. This option has recently been found at various stores and presented in several parades. Leaving aside the most ladylike, they can convey a futuristic and elegant image to any woman.

The wider heels have the trick to get more stability at the foot and support more securely to the heels. This causes the front region of the metatarsals, don’t get so overwhelmed. It is important that they have a medium size, since the mark indicated by the experts is 5 cm heel.

See five fashion options to enjoy the comfort and elegance without need of jumps:


The history of this type of shoe is millenary. Its origin comes from the Pyrenees, the mountainous region that divides France and Spain according to itypetravel. The oldest date back 3000 years ago, even with primitive records of footwear used by these people.

Some stores in the region are and the basic recipe is ancient: a sole made of jute stitched a tarp that covers the surface of the feet. To hold, some tapes that can be tied to the legs. The style came with the influence of designers like the legendary Yves Saint Laurent, who gave him a new design, incorporating a platform and a new guise. Recently, they are present in increasingly better versions that combine with a simpler style, but which rely on versions of brands like Chanel.