5 Tips for Tennis with Sporting Touch in Casual Looks

Some time ago we talked about how the shoes with a sporty touch can be combined with casual pieces without problems, but it is important to note that this template has nothing to do with peers created for use in academia, with its thick soles and full of anti-impact technologies that end up leaving the hunted look exaggerated, these sneakers has a more retro footprint based on the design of the years 70 and 80, comfortable, but not very suitable for sports.

While we’re on the subject, also found useful show some combinations using this type of shoes in different styles, see below:

Look 1-With Blazer, Polo And Jeans

Option that serves for those who have a busy life and need comfort and agility. With this combination you are ready for everything and the most important: well-dressed! During the week the accessories ensure practicality and style, take off the blazer and you have a nice look for a relaxing weekend or relaxed meeting with friends.

2–Black & White Look With A Plaid Shirt And Black Jeans

A look with a footprint slightly rocker, can be a good choice for a concert of your favorite band, but it serve for a stroll or a busy day, putting the pending order. The use of the strap over the Plaid Shirt is optional, but it is undeniable that the accessory style brings the combo, as well as the tennis that lends an air more youthful still to the end result.

Look 3-With Varsity Jacket

The jacket of choice for American high school students and who gained strength in fashion editorials in recent years is the ideal piece for those who like a retro and somewhat unusual, since the piece is not much seen in these parts. In this case this kind of tennis too, because it strengthens the character’s look and your neutral color creates a perfect harmony between the pieces.

4 And 5–Looks To Demi-Season

Those who follow the Male Channel might remember that I created these two sets for the spring, but in a country like Brazil they serve very well for fall!

What Have We Learned Here?

The more casual best, but classical pieces can leave the result more sophisticated;

Don’t be afraid of strong colors, but if you’re not a fan of them, you can bet the neutral looks without problems;

Casual accessories fall very well with this type of footwear. With canvas, cord & leather can do no wrong;

The tennis style reinforces the retro character that has some clothes;

The sneakers are perfect for giving that young guy to your combination.